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*=Overshoot/low approuch, A/Arr=Arrival, (B)=Badge, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, H-Hands= holding hands, FS=Fullstop, P/L=Precaution landing, RON=Remain over night, TDY=Temporary duty, T/GO= touch and go,

*** The badges on the tail do not always mean an F-16 is flying for the Squadron involved.***
Airbase=eh../Squadron=...sq/(B)=Badge on tail

Movements off the previous months at Leeuwarden


December 2007

19J-197F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sqSTING21Fuelstop Dep. as "FLAME"
14G-273C-130H-30 336sqNAF34T/go rwy-06
14281SH-14D MarheliNRN505* crossing CTR Nav.flt Teuge-->RTB DeKooy
1237*92F-4F JG-71HG26THigh Tacan rwy-06
12S-442AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT11SAR stand-by / Dep.13-12
12N321/G-BWGLHawker HunterT8C DHHFHUNTER22RTB after maintenance UK (Dep.17 okt)
12D-HSANEC-135P2 ADAC/ANWBLIFELINER4From Terschelling for a fuelstop
12 041Falcon20ECM FEKS/717skvNOW5003Dep.to Geilenkirchen (Arr Tdy 10-12)
11G-FPLABeech200 Flt PrecisionCalibrator393Arr 2000LT FS/ Dep.13-12
113.*..F-4F JG-71HG27TLow app-->MC4
113.*..F-4F JG-71HG70THigh Tacan rwy06-->MC4
10 041Falcon20ECM FEKS/717skvNOW5003Tdy
10U-06Fokker50 334sqNAF01FS
07S-442AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT40-
07S-447AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT61-
07J-061F-16AM ehvk/312sq(B)METAL25Arr 03-12 ANVIL/Dep. EHVK
07U-05Fokker50 334sqNAF01ILS app Rwy-24
07F.-...F-16AM/BM OCSBASIC45Low app rwy-24,RTB Belgium
06S-453AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT32FS/Dep.07 due Tech.problems
03J-061F-16AM ehvk/312sq(B)ANVIL21Arr. Tdy
03J-874F-16AM ehvk/312sq(B)SKIDO21FS/Dep05 "BONZO21" 1/2008 AFGAN

November 2007

27A-301SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD51FS/ETD1430LT
23J-017 F-16AM ehvk/311sq(B)STING22Arr.29-08 SKIDO21/Dep.to EHVK after MT
23V-11 Gulfstream IV 334sqNAF11ILS/Low app/Full tacan Rwy-06/Lunchstop
22PH-WDRPiper PA-18-135 Superwings BVPHWDREx KLU R-162
21G-273C-130H-30 336sqNAF33FS/Dep.1149LT inb Aalborg
12J-644F-16AM 322/323sq(NB)BALLSArr from Woensdrecht
08T-264KDC-10 334sqNAF432x Low app ILS/DME rwy-24
08J-512F-16AM ehvk/313sq(B)BURST21H-Hands BURST22
08J-009F-16AM 313sq(B)BURST22P/L Hang-up BDU-33 station3
083.*..F-4F JG-71HG45TT/GO
08? (38*07)F-4F JG-71GAF3711FS
07J-192F-16AM ehvk/313sqMETAL22Arr for maintenance
02D-664CH-47D 298sqD664*
01G-275C-130H-30 336sqNAF35*


31ES-TLEL-39C Skyline AVLION39FS
31F.-...F-16AM/BM OCUBASIC45*
31J-197F-16AM 311sqBURST22*
31J-009 F-16AM 313sqBURST21PL/after 50min dep.
303.*..F-4F JG-71VAMP 2* H-Hands
303.*..F-4F JG-71VAMP 1* H-Hands
30ZJ-911/BZEF2000/TyphoonF.2 29(R)sqNIGHTMARE24FS evening/ Dep.31-10
30ZJ-923/QO-EEF2000/TyphoonF.2 3sqNIGHTMARE23FS evening/ Dep.31-10
30ZJ-918/QO-LEF2000/TyphoonF.2 3sqNIGHTMARE22FS evening/ Dep.31-10
30ZJ-926/QO-YEF2000/TyphoonF.2 3sqNIGHTMARE21 FS evening/ Dep.31-10
302..SH-14D MarheliNRN513*
29D-IAACCE-441 CCF manager ALCCF112/TOMCAT112 DonorFlt/ Dep.2315LT C/S TOMCAT113
29053Falcon20ECM Feks/717skvNOW5002Tdy C/S RAVEN94/93/D.2-11 NOW5002
25ES-TLEL-39ZO Skyline AVLION39Dep.01-11 as ESTLE
25J-004F-16AM 311sqSHARK21H-Hands SHARK22
25J-653F-16BM 312sqSHARK22E/L Hang-up BDU station3/dep.1150LT EHVK
24J-643F-16AM 313sqMETAL21&22*
24J-057 F-16AM 313sqMETAL21&22*
242..SH-14D MarheliNRN543*
24G-273C-130H-30 336sqNAF33*
243.*..F-4F JG-71HG12T*
232XF-4F JG-71POLICE1&2* evening
18G-273C-103H-30 334sqNAF33 *
18S-433AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE form.Fuelstop
18S-447AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE form.Fuelstop
18D-HSANEC-135P2 Adac/anwbLIFELINER4Fuelstop
1837*84F-4F JG-71HG22T*
17N321/G-BWGLHawker Hunter T8C DHHFHUNTER23Dep. for maintenance Exeter,UK
17G-273C-103H-30 334sqNAF35*
16A-247SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD56Royal Flt visit Prins W.A Wetsus LWD
16PH-RPSBo-105C PLDPHRPSRoyal flight security
153.*..F-4F JG-71HG01T* evening
123.*..F-4F JG-71HG74T* evening
03FB-20F-16BM 10WBAF451*
03S-440AS532U2 300sqWildcat22FS ILS Rwy-09
023.*..F-4F JG-71HG66T*
023.*..F-4F JG-71HG01T*
022..SH-14D MarheliNRN508*
02663F-16AM FloRACK22Dep.05 as NOW5001


2849 S Etendard 11 FlotilleFNY5185B Fuelstop inb Artic Tiger meet Orland
2862 S Etendard 11 FlotilleFNY5185AFuelstop inb Artic Tiger meet Orland
26G-FPLA Beech200 Flt precisionCLB276 ILS-calibration
26E148/314-LU Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6471Fuelstop
25E148/314-LUAlphajet E EAC00.314FAF6470Fuelstop
25E125/314-LKAlphajet E EAC00.314FAF6471BFuelstop
25E107/314-UDAlphajet E EAC00.314FAF6471AFuelstop
24G-275 C-130H-30 334sqNAF351x Low app 2x T/GO
24C.15-15/15-02 EF-18-A20-MC+ ALA15AME1533AFuelstop
24C.15-26/15-13 EF-18-A22-MC+ ALA15AME1533BFuelstop Tiger Tail
24CE.15-6/15-75 EF-18-B19-MC+ ALA15AME1533CFuelstop
24C.15-41/15-28 EF-18-A24-MC+ ALA15AME1533DFuelstop
24U-05Fokker50 334sqNAF50FS
21OE-FPACE-551 AirlinkJAR11AFS evening Donorflight
21D-IAACCE-441 ConquestII CCFTOMCAT152/CCF1521835LT FS Donorflight
21J-648F-16AM 322/3sqBULLDOG21FS/Arr
20J-270F-16BM 313sqMETAL21*
20..*..F-4F JG-71HG17TTacan app T/Go rwy-24 *
192..SH-14D MarheliNavy699 *
19J-...F-16.M 313sqTIGER81*
18J-512F-16AM 311sqSTING22 P/L engine problem
18J-019F-16.M 311sqSTING21H-Hands STING22
18OY-JRJ ATR42-320DanishAirTransportDANISH307*
14J-644F-16AM 322/323sqAJ43Dep. to Woensdrecht
14J-199F-16AM 313sqTIGER81Dep.
07T.21-03/35-41C-295M ALA35/Esq353AME3571Crew ferry
06G-275C-130H-30 334sqNAF35T/GO
06TK.10-5/31-50 KC-130H Esq312/Gr31AME3168RON / Dep. 07-09
06TL.10-1/31-01 C-130H-30 Esq311/Gr31AME3167RON / Dep. 07-09
06A-247SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD74FS
04T-264 KDC-10+F-16AM 322+323sqNAF41+KILLER&POLLY Airreffueling "POLLY-Track" overhead EHLW
0415118 F-16BEsq201AFP25FWIT meeting/Dep.05-09
04T-427T-17A FLSK/DAFDAF3263FWIT meeting/Dep.05-09
04692F-16BM 338skv/FLONOW5002FWIT meeting/Dep.05-09


3137Super Etendard 17FlotilleFNY5423A,B Fuelstop/ inb Orland (Bold Avenger)
3119Super Etendard 11FlotilleFNY5423A,B Fuelstop/ inb Orland (Bold Avenger)
3118Super Etendard 17FlotilleFNY5411A,B,C Fuelstop/ inb Orland (Bold Avenger)
3110Super Etendard 17FlotilleFNY5411A,B,C Fuelstop/ inb Orland (Bold Avenger)
3108Super Etendard 17FlotilleFNY5411A,B,C Fuelstop/ inb Orland (Bold Avenger)
30T.21-03/35-41C-295M ALA35/Esq353AME3570FS/Brings Killed Sgt1 M.Rosier Home
30T.17-03/47-03B707-300 Esq471/Gr'47AME4718FS
29J-017F-16AM 311sqSKIDO21Arr for maintenance
29272SH-14D MarheliNRN650*/ILS app rwy24
29J-638F-16AM 313sqMETAL21*/ILS app rwy24
27T.21-08/35-46 C-295M ALA35/Esq353AME3569FS
27ES-YLZL-39C Skyline AviationLION39 Tdy Dep.31-08
27PH-MAAEC135T2+ Anwb/M.A.ALIFELINER4 Fuelstop
23C.S.X81691/013NH-90 KystvaktI1691* Crossing CTR inb Rygge Airshow
23S-441AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT Form.*
23S-456AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT Form.*
22S-447AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT1Fuelstop
22ZD265/308Lynx HMA8DAS 815sq/HQfltNAVY676*/crossing EHLW ATZ 1500ft,2nm
22ZD259/425Lynx HMA8DAS 815sqNAVY676*/crossing EHLW ATZ 1500ft,2nm
22ZD252/318Lynx HMA8 815sq/LOEUNAVY676*/crossing EHLW ATZ 1500ft,2nm
17U-06Fokker50 334sqNAF50*
17J-014F-16AM 313sqCRACK21*
17J-067F-16BM 311sqMETAL21*
1537*03F-4F JG-71FAZER*
15272SH-14D MarheliNRN650*
15S-440AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT24FS
14(38*28?)F-4F JG-71FLASH*
13S-4..AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT21*
09S-453AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT41*
0848/2-EW Mirage2000-5F EC01.002FAF7101BNightstop
0855/2-FR Mirage2000-5F EC02.002FAF7101ANightstop
0843*23TORNADO IDS JBG-32NO40*
08J-063F-16AM 313sqSTING22 E/L
08J-067F-16BM 311sqSTING21* H-Hands STING22
08J-640F-16AM 312sqBULLET21 E/L Birdhit canopy
07J-067F-16BM 311sqSTING21*
07E148/314-LU Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6444FS
07E47/314-TR Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6443FS
07E120/314-LG Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6441FS
0649/2-EA Mirage20005F EC01.002FAF7100A/BNightstop/Dep 07-08
0648/2-EWMirage20005F EC01.002FAF7100A/BNightstop/Dep 07-08
03FB-18F-16BM 10WBAF445*
0386-0178/LNF-15C 493rdFSPISTOL11-14Weekendstop/Dep.06-08 PISTOL11-14
0384-0027/LNF-15C 493rdFSPISTOL11-14Weekendstop/Dep.06-08 PISTOL11-14
0386-0167/LNF-15C 493rdFSPISTOL11-14Weekendstop/Dep.06-08 PISTOL11-14
0384-0044/LNF-15D 493rdFSPISTOL11-14Weekendstop/Dep.06-08 PISTOL11-14
02J-653F-16BM 313sqANVIL2FS
01PH-1073Scheibe SF-25C Texel zweefclubPH1073 FS
01A-292SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD59*


31../33-..Mirage F1CR ER01.033FAF7822A/B* 2000ft overfly
31../33-..Mirage F1CR ER01.033FAF7822A/B* 2000ft overfly
31J-142F-16AM 311sqSTING21* 2000ft overfly
31J-640F-16AM 311sqSTING22* 2000ft overfly
31S-4..AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT*
30J-193F-16AM 313sqSTING2H-Hands STING1
30J-196F-16AM 313sqSTING1 E/L, Dep02-08 TIGER81
30J-008F-16AM 311sqSTING22* Morning
30J-193F-16AM 311sqSTING21* Morning
27S-4..AS53U2 300sqWILDCAT65
27J-270F-16AM 313sqSNAKE22Crew ferry J-653
25J-515F-16AM 312sqANVIL1H-Hands ANVIL2
25J-653F-16BM 312sqANVIL2E/L Dep 27-07 COWBOY21
24J-620F-16AM 313sqTIGER81FS
23J-511F-16AM 311sqMETAL21H-Hands METAL22
23J-864F-16AM 313sqMETAL22E/L Dep.27-07 DIANA
21J-055F-16AM RNLAF DemoORANGE21Demo at Texel airshow
21N-321Hawker Hunter T8C D.H.H.FHUNTER22Demo at Texel Airshow
20J-055F-16AM RNLAF DemoORANGE1TDY for Texel airshow /Dep.25-07 SKIDO21
20J-514F-16AM 313sqORANGE2TDY for Texel Airshow (spare)/ Dep.23-07
20CH-07C-130 20smBAF660FS
19J-019F-16AM 312sqTIGER81
19Q-09AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN41FormFuelstop
19Q-08AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN41FormFuelstop
19S-452AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT11Hotpit reffueling
18J-058F-16AM 312sqFIST1H-Hands Fist2
18J-270F-16BM 313sqFIST2E/L Strange smell in cockpit/
1861/2-FM Mirage20005F EC02.002FAF7101A/BLocal missions "MARO"and Nightstop/Dep 19/7
1859/2-EV Mirage20005F EC02.002FAF7101A/BLocal missions "MARO"and Nightstop/Dep 19/7
18S-442AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT11Hotpit reffueling
18U-05Fokker 50 334sqNAF50FS
182..SH-14D MARHELINAVY533* Inb Marnewaard
18G-275C-130H-30 334sqNAF35T/Go's
17../.-.. Mirage E..-...FAF....A/B*
17../.-..Mirage E..-...FAF....A/B*
1661/2-FM Mirage20005F EC02.002FAF7101A/BLocal missions and Nightstop/Dep 17/7
1652/2-EH Mirage20005F EC02.002FAF7101A/BLocal missions and Nightstop/Dep 17/7
16J-064F-16BM 312sqDIANA21
16G-FRAT Falcon20 FRAviationVADER01Arr TDY/Dep.20/7
12J-646F-16AM 312sqFIST22H-Hands FIST21
12J-146 F-16AM 312sqFIST21E/L engine problems
12J-515F-16AM 311sqSTING22H-Hands STING21
12J-270F-16BM 313sqSTING21E/L Hang up bomb/ Dep.as METAL21
12FA-133/FS F-16AM 2WBAF221Fwit meeting
11G-275 C-130H-30 334sqNAF352x T/Go
1115188 F-16B Esq201AFP55FS/ Dep.12-07 AFP56 Fwit meeting
112XMirage F1CR ER02.033FAF7831Overshoot 1200ft
10G-273C-130H-30 334sqNAF33T/Go's
09G-275C-130H-30 334sqNAF352x Approach
09J-196F-16AM 313sqMETAL.Sim. decompression problems
09J-...F-16AM 3..sqMETAL.H.Hands METAL.
05692F-16BM FLONOW5002FS Dep 1130LT
04ZE200/DB Tornado F3 111sqRFR7426ATDY Dep 05-07 as RFR7427A
04ZG799/HJ Tornado F3 111sqRFR7426BTDY Dep 05-07 as RFR7427B
02G-275C-130H-30 334sqNAF35*


29J-199F-16AM 311sqTIGER81Arr
29J-063F-16AM 311sqSTING22Arr
28A-292SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD51FS
28647/33-NFMIRAGE F1CR ER02.033FAF7830A/B*
28624/33-NTMIRAGE F1CR ER02.033FAF7830A/B*
27FB-04F-16BM 10WTIGER39*
22L-02 PC-7131EMVOsq DIAMOND12 FS
22N24KC EDGE 540Frankversteegh REDBULL69 *
21A-... SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD67 FS
20A-292 SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD51 FS
20S-442 AS532U2 311sqWILDCAT01 *
19J-884 F-16BM 311sqFLAME2 *
19J-270 F-16BM 313sqMETAL23 Crew Ferry STING1
19J-019 F-16AM 311sqSTING1 FS
19J-... F-16AM 311sqFLAME1 *
18J-008 F-16AM 313sqCOWBOY21 Tdy D20-06 TIGER81
1538*55 F-4F JG-71BARON7 *
13A-... SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD56 FS
1160058/58 Saab105/SK60B F17SVFF602 Fuelstop also 15-06
1160141/141 Saab105/SK60A F17SVFF601 Fuelstop also 15-06
1160086/86 Saab105/SK60B F17SVFF603 Fuelstop also 15-06
1160102/102 Saab105/SK60A F17SVFF604 Fuelstop also 15-06
1160111/111 Saab105/SK60A F17SVFF605 Fuelstop also 15-06
1160126/126 Saab105/SK60B F17SVFF606 Fuelstop also 15-06
11G-FPLA Beech200 Flt precisionCLB20 ILS-calibration
08S-419 SH-14D MarheliRESQUEPEDRO2 *
08S-... AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT15 FS
08G-FRAJ Falcon20 FRaviationVADER01 FS
07S-419 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT23 FS
06J-019 F-16AM 312sq.. FS
06A-292 SA3160B 300sqBluebird51 FS
06G-FRAJ Falcon20 FRAviationVADER01 FS
06S-441 AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE3 FS
06S-447 AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE4 FS
06D-102 CH-47D 298sqJUNGLE5 FS
06Q-08 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN46 form FS
06Q-10 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN46 form FS
06Q-13 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN46 form FS
06J-060 F-16AM 313sqTIGER81 FS
05J-019 F-16AM 312sqBONZO21 FS
04J-270 F-16BM 313sqSNAKE1 *
04J-653 F-16BM 312sqSNAKE2 *
04G-FRAJ Falcon20 FRAviationVADER01 FS
04A-247 SA3160B 300sqBLUEBIRD55 FS


30FB-04 F-16BM 10WMACE91*
25J-...F-16.M 312sqFIST3*
25J-...F-16.M 312sqFIST4*
2238*36F-4F JG-71HG24T*
16FB-22F-16BM 10WMACE99-
15N-321 Hawker Hunter T8C D.H.H.FHUNTER22 Arr
15G-CLKER-44 ??*
12D-EBAA CE182 ????Intercepted by QRA/Crashed in sea
11288 F-16AM FLONOW5009Arr 11-05 Dep 16-05
10G-275C-130H-30 334sqNAF35T/Go
10S-4..AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT65--
10D-CACBBeech200T AFIFght CHECKER51ILS-calibration
10J-884F-16BM 312sqM2925*
092XMirage F.1CR ER02-033FAF7832*
09PH-MNZDo228-212 Jet support BVCOASTGUARD01 2x T/Go
08G-275C130H-30 334sq NAF33 * 1820LT inb EHEH
08J-142F-16AM 312sqFIST2* H-Hands FIST3
08J-640F-16AM 312sqFIST3 E/L electrical problems
08N116MALearjet35A SkylineLION16Arr TDY
07J-... F-16A 313sqMETAL1 * H-Hands METAL2
07J-... F-16A 313sq METAL2 Minor fuel problems
01D-661 CH-47D 298sqCORONA1 *


27J-018 F-16AM 312sqWARP1 E/L Gear problems, D03-05 FLAME21
27J-142 F-16AM 312sqFIST1 * H-Hands WARP1
27XZ651 Lynx AH7 653sqAAC655form *cross.CTR
27XZ214 Lynx AH7 657sqAAC655form *cross. CTR
26G-275 C130H-30 334sqNAF33 *
26J-884 F-16BM 311sqJUDGE21 *
25J-146 F-16AM 312sqBONZO21 --
2544*32 Tornado IDS JBG-31SABRE2/3/4 * Base attack
2544*70 Tornado IDS JBG-31SABRE2/3/4 * Base attack
2545*81 Tornado IDS JBG-31SABRE2/3/4 * Base attack
25S-458 AS532U2 300sqWOLFHOUND67 *
242X Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1-2 * Inb.Cornfield
23G-273 C130H-30 334sqNAF30 *
20S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT65  --
18G-273 C130H-30 334sqNAF33 *
18XX346/346 Hawk T1A 19(R)sqRFR7138C A18-04 D20-04
18XX221/221 Hawk T1A 19(R)sqRFR7138B A18-04 D20-04
18XX332/332 Hawk T1A 19(R)sqRFR7138A A18-04 D20-04
16J-367 F-16AM 306sqNAF84 1e Delivery USA
16J-623 F-16AM 306sqNAF82 1e Delivery USA
16J-010 F-16AM 306sqNAF86 1e Delivery USA
16J-369 F-16BM 306sqNAF85 1e Delivery USA
16J-209 F-16BM 306sqNAF83 1e Delivery USA
16J-208 F-16BM 306sqNAF81 1e Delivery USA
16E-597 F-16AM Esk730DAF3263 A16-04 D19-04
13J-.. F-16.M ...sqNASTY Arr
13J-010 F-16AM EHVKDIANA Arr for Delivery usa
13664 F-16AM FLONOW5006 A13-04 D19-04
12J-515 F-16AM 311sqSKIDO22 * H-Hands Skido21
12J-199 F-16AM 311sqSKIDO21 E/L 2050LT strang smell cockpit
12A-292 SA316B 300sqBLUEBIRD51 --
12FA-125 F-16AM 2WBAF235 --
12J-019 F-16AM 311sqFLAME22 Dep.EHVK
1238*54 F-4F JG-71GAF3854 --
11277 SH-14D MARHELINAVY587 *
11L-02 PC-7 131EMVOsqSNOWMAN60 --
10S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT34 A06-04 D10-04
10S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT41 A06-04 D10-04
10S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT22 A06-04 D10-04
10S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT04 A06-04 D10-04
10FB-10 F-16BM 2WMACE89 *
10686 F-16AM FLONOW5005 Arr TDY
06A-292 SA316B 300sqBUEBIRD50 --
06S-441 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT36 Arr TDY
06S-457 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT26 Arr TDY
05L-.. PC-7 131EMVOsqDIAMOND04 --
04277 SH-14D MARHELINAVY646 *
0454/2-FY MIR20005F EC002.02FAF7141/MarcouMike A04-04 D05-04
0471/2-FB MIR20005F EC002.02FAF7141/MarcouMike A04-04 D05-04
03ES-YLX L-39C SkylineLION39A --
03ES-YLZ L-39C SkylineLION39B --
02J-061 F-16AM 313sqMETAL22 *H-Hands Metal21
02J-367 F-16AM 313sqMETAL21 Emerg.landing
02L-05 PC-7 131EMVOsqSNOWMAN61 --


30PH-LAB CE550 TU DelftPHLAB --
30S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT15 --
30U-05 Fokker50 334sqNAF51 --
28A-292 SA316B 300sqA292FORM --
28A301 SA316B 300sqA292FORM --
27E137/314-LJ Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6410 A27-03 D28-03
27E25/314-TJ Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6411 A27-03 D28-03
27E69/314-TO Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6412 A27-03 D28-03
28ES-YLX L-39C SkylineLION39A A27-03 D29-03
28ES-YLZ L-39C SkylineLION39B A27-03 D29-03
28N116MA Learjet36A SKYLINELION16 A26-03 D28-03
28U-06 Fokker 50 334sqNAF51 * TCH.GO
28Q-23 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51FORM --
28Q-10 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51FORM --
28Q-05 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51FORM --
28D-102 CH-47DD 289sqJIGGER D.redskin51form
28D-666 CH-47D 289sqJIGGER D.redskin51form
28G-FPLA Beech200 FLT precisionCLB848 ILS Calibrator
28L-02 PC-7 EMVODIAMOND31 --
27E137/314-LJ ALPHAJET E EAC00.314FAF6410 A27-03 D28-03
27E25/314-TJ Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6411 A27-03 D28-03
27E69/314-TO Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6412 A27-03 D28-03
27ES-YLZ L-39C SKYLINELION39B A27-03 D29-03
27Q-05 AH-64D 301sqBAT71 inb EHKD
27Q-10 AH-64D 301sqBAT72 --
23A-292 SA316B 300sqA292 --
232.. SH-14D MARHELINRN542 --
222.. SH-14D MARHELINAVY577 --
21E137/314-LJ Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6410 A21-03 D22-03
21E127/314-TV Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6412 A21-03 D22-03
21277 SH-14D MARHELINAVY581 *
21A-292 SA316B 300sqA292 Fuelstop
21Q-08 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51FRM Fuelstop
21Q-23 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51FRM Fuelstop
21D-106 CH-47D 298sqREDSKIN51FRM Fuelstop
202.. SH-14D MARHELINAVY753 Exercise 21:50-22:05
19Q-21 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN53FRM --
19Q-08 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN53FRM --
162.. SH-14D MARHELINRN504 *
15D-EATY PA18-95 PrivateDEATY *Crossing CTR
15ZA441/79 JetstreamT3 HERONFLTNAVY752 Fuelstop
15J-065 F-16BM 306sqROVER21 *
12J- F-16 311sqSKIDO21 *
08PH-KBX FOKKER70 --PHKBX visit Queen LWD
072.. SH-14D MARHELINRN528 *
05J-014 F-16AM 313sqORANGE Demo-training
05J-204 F-16AM --RACK E/L Hydraulic problems
05G-275 C-130H-30 334sqNAF35 --
05J-642 F-16AM 311sqSTING24 Emerg. landing
05J-511 F-16AM 311sqSTING23 * H-Hands sting4
01A275 SA316B 300sqA275 --
01D-661 CH-47D 298sqINDIAN --
01J-061 F-16BM 313sqTIGER81 *


28CE-02 ERJ-145R 21smBAF604 --
27J-198F-16AM 322sqPOLLY4 Crash landing due to missing nosewheel, Landed safe, (knap staaltje vliegen v/d Piloot)
27E113/314-TD Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6410 Nightstop dep.28
27E69/314-TO Alphajet E EAC00.314FAF6411 Nightstop dep.28
232.. SH-14D MARHELINRN624 Overhead
22A292 SA316B 300sqA292 --
22S-... AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT69 --
20A275 SA316B 300sqA275 --
1690-0800/AV F-16DG 555th FSNICKEL01 Weekendstop
1690-0777/AV F-16DG 510th FSNICKEL02 Weekendstop
16XW-212 Puma HC1 No.230sqRFR7325 Fuelstop
16XW-213 Puma HC1 No.33sqRFR7325 Fuelstop
16ZA-938 Puma HC1 No.33sqRFR7325 Fuelstop
09J-509 F-16AM 31.sqM2999 --
09L-08 PC-7 131EMVODIAMOND12 --
01J-367 F-16AM 313sqMETAL21 --
01J-010 F-16AM 313sqMETAL22 --
01J-014 F-16AM 313sqMETAL23 --
01J-199 F-16AM 313sqMETAL24 --
01J-870 F-16AM 311sqSTING21 --
01J-011 F-16AM 311sqSTING22 --
01J-270 F-16BM 311sqJUDGE21 --
01J-867 F-16AM 311sqFLAME21 --
01J-654 F-16BM 306sqCONDOR22 --
01J-142 F-16AM 306sqCONDOR23 --
01J-640 F-16AM 306sqCONDOR24 --


26XX481/CU560 Jetstream T2 No.750sqNAVY806 Fuelstop
26XX478/CU564 Jetstream T2 No.750sqNAVY807 Fuelstop
26XX486/CU567 Jetstream T2 No.750sqNAVY808 Fuelstop
26XX487/CU568 Jetstream T2 No.750sqNAVY809 Fuelstop
24** TORNADO AG-51RAGE 1,2 &3 Overhead ehlw
12D-CACB BEECH 200T AFIFII511 ILS-Calibrator
08J-004 F-16AM 311sqFLAME21 --
05E202 F-16AM ESK730DAF3260 --
0438*56 F-4F JG-71WOLF *
04J- F-16 306sqBOXER21 *
02J-653 F-16BM 313sq"TIGER81" *
02U-05 Fokker50 334sqNAF50 *

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