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xx.07.2022 --> Arrival NEW Hawker Hunter MK68 (HB-RVP)G-EHLW/N-322 for the D.H.H.F.
xx.xx.2022 --> Departure from Volkel AB Hawker Hunter F.6A G-KAXF/N-294 to Lortie Aviation Quebec, Canada
21.05.2022 --> Volkel AB Photoshoot Hawker Hunter F.6A G-KAXF/N-294

Logbook Movements Hawker Hunter DHHF


DHHF terminates operating Hunter F.6A N-294.

The last few years have seen a sharp decline in the number of both military and civilian airshows in the Netherlands and adjoining countries. Mostly,
this is due to the Covid-pandemic but also ever increasing costs of organizing such events and more restrictive regulations are contributing factors.

For the foreseeable future these trends will not be reversed, and it means that the demand for displays and other airshow appearances of DHHF’s
Hunters will be limited. Against this background DHHF had to conclude that a two aircraft operation is no longer economically viable, and that we
have to return to the initial years when DHHF operated just her dual Hunter N-321. Therefore Hunter F.6A N-294 will not return to the sky this spring.

She has been sold to Lortie Aviation, Canada where she will join the existing Hunter fleet to provide combat training for the airforces of Canada
and the United States. Hawker Hunter N-294 with her screaming ‘blue note’ has been with us for about 12 years, and she will be sorely missed.
With all Covid-restrictions lifted we are now working hard to bring Hunter Mk.68 N-322 finally out of Switzerland to Leeuwarden Air Base; hopefully
this will be realized in Q2. A real ‘stunner’, N-322 will take the place of N-321 for training and currency flights. And fitted with a ‘big’ Avon engine
she will be a worthy replacement for our singleseater at future airshows.

Leeuwarden, April 8th, 2022. Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation


New Hawker Hunter twoseater for Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation

Fliegermuseum Altenrhein at Altenrhein, Switzerland and Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation (DHHF) at Leeuwarden have concluded an agreement
regarding the sale of Hawker Hunter Mk68 registered as HB-RVP (ex Swiss Airforce J-4205) to DHHF. This aircraft will at DHHF replace its Hunter T.8C
G-BWGL/N-321 which, due to unsurmountable technical issues, no longer can be operated.

Hunter HB-RVP will be transferred to the British civil register, as is the case with DHHF’s Hunter F.6A . The aircraft will, like its predecessor,
wear the authentic colour scheme of the twoseater Hawker Hunters operated by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, with the spurious military
registration N-322. Due to existing corona-restrictions, delivery of HB-RVP to DHHF will take considerable more time than envisaged.

We expect the aircraft to arrive at Leeuwarden Airbase in the course of the second quarter of this year. It is
foreseen to have this year all still flying Hunters in Europe together celebrating the Hawker Hunter’s 70th birthday.

Leeuwarden, January 18th, 2021. Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation

Photo: Fliegermuseum Altenrhein at Altenrhein, Switzerland / Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation

The New Hunter G-EHLW/N-322, as it had its Rollout today (18.01.2021) in Altenrhein Switzerland.

prk-aviation.nl congratulates the DHHF on the purchase of this Hawker Hunter and wishes them safe flights and, manny happy landings!

2017 / 2018

Press releas DHHF :
Hunters of the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation will fly again!

Now that the Civil Aviation Authority has lifted the flight ban for British registered Hawker Hunter jet fighters, set after the crash with an English Hunter T7
(G-BXFI) at the Shoreham Airshow in August 2015, as of today, July 6, 2017, DHHF will again fly with her both Hunters G-KAXF/N-294 F.6A and the
G-BWGL/N-321 T.8C. Initially, the accent will be placed on the aircraft in optimal condition of the classic fighter jets. Therefore, they will depart from Leeuwarden
this summer from their home base at St Athan, Wales, UK, for a number of inspections and adjustments. In the autumn, the aircraft will return to Leeuwarden Airport,
from which they will regularly make further test and training flights.

Everything is aimed at both devices being fully deployed in 2018 for participation in domestic and international airshows.

Logbook Movements Hawker Hunter DHHF

07.06.2019 Special Flyby Fryslan
J-201 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY1/SPITFIRE form.
G-CKUE/TB885/3W-V Spitfire LF.XVLe Private SPITFIRE form.
J-065 F-16BM 322Tactess POLLY2/SPITFIRE form.

Arrival of the Spitfire that was part of the RNLAF oldest 322 Squadron during WWII. At the same time the F-16 Fighting Falcon landed 40Years ago
at Leeuwarden Airbase (1979-2019). Three aircrafts types that was part of the RNLAF ; the Spitfire, Hawker Hunter and the F-16 made a flyby
over Fryslan. The F-16BM J-065 was the plane with the photographer on board. After the landing the Spitfire G-CKUE TB885 / 3W-V received the
emblem of the squadron mascotte the parrot "Polly Grey" on the hull.

The G-CKUE TB885 / 3W-V who flew in the war from 29 March 1945 to October 1945 with 322 Dutch squadron of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

05.07.2015 FlyBy Good cause Rally 2015 Twente
05.07.2015 G-KAXF/N-294 F.6A HAWKER2 Dep./Arr. FlyBy Good cause Rally 2015 Twente
05.07.2015 G-BWGL/N-321 T.8C HAWKER1 Dep./Arr. FlyBy Good cause Rally 2015 Twente

26-06-2010-->Veterans day 2010
G-KAXF/N294 Hawker Hunter F.6A HAWKER01 Flyby The Hague veterans day 2010

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G-BWGL/N321 Hawker Hunter T.8C HUNTER22 Local trainings flight

Hawker Hunter

The Hawker Hunter was a British fighter of the fifties. The fighter has an arrow-shaped wing, one engine and a raised tail.
The flight characteristics of the Hunter described as: versatile, robust and reliable. The top speed of the Hunter is around
the sound barrier (1158 kilometers per hour) and can break this into a nosedive.

2005 Start

The Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation DHHF

The Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation (DHHF) was founded in 2005 by a number of aircraft enthusiasts with the aim,
the Hawker Hunter as a flying monument and classic back to the Fighter bring in Dutch airspace.
An initiative that is supported by the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
The Hunter is flown by a small team of active and former air force pilots, and maintenance is done by experienced
volunteers. The military and civil authorities have DHHF granted permission to fly in pursuit of its objectives with
the Hawker Hunter from Leeuwarden Air Base.

The board members of DHHF (2005) are: Age Offringa (former CEO Friesland Bank), Jorrit Volkers (Head of Deloitte Northern Netherlands),
Andre Olijslager (former CEO Friesland Dairy Foods) and Gert "Barney" Booij
(former squadron commander and former commander Leeuwarden Air Base). The acquisition and use of the Hunter are
funded by contributions from private and corporate sponsors.

The two Hawker Hunters G-BWGL and the G-KAXF which the Foundation has purchased, are equipped with
authentic Dutch colors and with the registration number "N-321" and the "N-294" stationed at Leeuwarden Air Base;
former homebase of 3 Hawker Hunter squadrons.
Every year there are a limited number flight hours for flying with the two Hunters.
These could include: Open Days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and various aviation demonstrations at home and abroad.
In addition, the necessary training and test flights are flown.

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