EXPECTED Arrivals;

Frisian Flag 12-23April

Thursday 08.04
Poland: 6xF-16C/D
C295M 13Elt "PLF0055" support

Friday 09.04
Sweden:7x JAS39 Gripen
2x C130(TP84) support

Usafe: 8x F-15C/D

Norway:8x F-16AM/BM,
1x C130 support

Germany: 6x F-4F

Netherlands: 7x F-16AM/BM 311/2/3sq
12x F-16AM/BM 322/3sq
Wk16-1x C-103H/F50 EHEH
ETA: Sunday 11.04 1000-1200LT
Finland: 6x F18-C/D

Norway:1x Falcon 20ECM 717Fesk (dep.16.04)



The Frisian Flag is a Big exercise with Multi-international cooperation with realistic defence and offence scenario's. There wil be huge effort with 'digital warfare' the Link-16 datalink system.
One of the participants will be the USAirforce with the F-15C's 493rd fs/48th FW from Lakenheath, UK.
Other participants are F-16's, E-3A AWACS and more. New participants for this year are the Polish F-16's The Daily missions will be held together with the Army, Navy and transport/cargo planes from Eindhoven AB.
The Army supports with Forward air Controlers (FAC), the Navy supports with a vessel for Defencive and offencive trainings-missions.

Operating areas:

Expected Mission-Times:
1st wave 0900-1130LT
2nd wave 1300-1530LT

Operating areas are northern Tra's; CORNFIELD-range (EHR-4A); Marnewaard (EHR-2) and area west of the coast village Zurich, south of Harlingen. Within a range of 20 Km around Zurich an altitude is used of 1200 feet, except the Waddenzee; marnewaard also 1200 feet is allowed, without the Waddenzee and the Waddenzee a minimum altitude of 1500 feet.

Pictures Frisian Flag08

**31-03->Movements EHLW Arrival participants Frisian Flag08

**03-04->Mission Frisian Flag 2008

Pictures/Video Frisian Flag 2010

**Info video Frisian Flag 2010 Mindef.

**13-04->Mission Frisian Flag 2010

CORNFIELD range Forum

Movements & Pictures: FRISIAN FLAG 2010


12.04.1086-0176/LNF-15D-42MC 493rdFSRAMBO22Arr.
12.04.1086-0163/LNF-15D-42MC 493rdFSRAMBO21Arr.
12.04.1086-0174/LNF-15C-42MC 493rdFSREAPER14Arr.
12.04.1084-0015/LNF-15C-37MC 493rdFSREAPER13Arr.
12.04.1086-0154/LNF-15C-41MC 493rdFSREAPER12Arr.
12.04.1084-0019/LNF-15C-38MC 493rdFSREAPER11Arr.
12.04.1084-0044/LNF-15D-30CF 493rdFSRAMBO22Arr.
12.04.1086-0182/LNF-15D-41MC 493rdFSRAMBO24Arr.
11.04.10HN-432/32F-18C-52MC HavLLv31FNF117Arr.
11.04.10HN-446/46F-18C-52MC HavLLv21FNF115Arr.
11.04.10HN-424/24F-18C-51MC HavLLv31FNF114Arr.

11.04.10HN-418/18F-18C-50MC HavLLv21FNF113Arr.
11.04.10HN-448/48F-18C-52MC HavLLv21FNF112Arr.
09.04.10J-xxxF-16AM 31.sqSNAKE2Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10J-367F-16AM 306/SpringfSNAKE1Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10J-016F-16AM 312sq/fcANVIL1Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10J-005F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL2Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10J-146F-16AM 323sq/tdMETAL1Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10J-646F-16AM 312sq/tdANVIL2Arr. Rwy06
09.04.10299F-16AM FLONOW331A-DArr. Rwy06
09.04.10686F-16AM FLONOW331A-DArr. Rwy06
09.04.10285F-16AM FLONOW331A-DArr. Rwy06
09.04.10659F-16AM FLONOW331A-DArr. Rwy06
09.04.10663F-16AM FLONOW332DArr. Rwy06
09.04.10279F-16AM FLONOW332CArr. Rwy06
09.04.10291F-16AM FLONOW332BArr. Rwy06
09.04.10687F-16AM FLONOW332AArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039246JAS39C F21SVFW394CArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039232JAS39C F21SVFW394BArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039265JAS39C F21SVFW394AArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039260JAS39C F21SVFW391CArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039231JAS39C F21SVFW391BArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039275JAS39C F21SVFW391AArr. Rwy06
09.04.1039828JAS39D F21SVFW397Arr. Rwy06
09.04.1038+24F-4F JG71GAFR49BArr. Rwy24
09.04.1038+26F-4F JG71GAFR49AArr. Rwy24
09.04.1038+42F-4F JG71GAFR48DArr. Rwy24
09.04.1037+75F-4F JG71GAFR48CArr. Rwy24
09.04.1038+00F-4F JG71GAFR48BArr. Rwy24
09.04.1037+74F-4F JG71GAFR48AArr. Rwy24
08.04.104061F-16C-52CF 31.BLTPLF645Arr.
08.04.104055F-16C-52CF 31.BLTPLF644Arr.
08.04.104058F-16C-52CF 31.BLTPLF643Arr.
08.04.104084F-16D-52CF 31.BLTPLF642Arr.
08.04.104053F-16C-52CF 31.BLTPLF641Arr.
08.04.104041F-16C-52CF 31.BLTPLF640Arr.

Support aircrafts

11.04.10053Falcon20ECM Fesk/717skvNOW5001Arr.
11.04.10CC-2C295M TukiLLvFNF124Arr./Dep. support


09.04.105607C130J-30 335SkvNOW5041Arr./Dep. Support
09.04.10CH-04C130H 20sm/15WBAF604Arr./Dep. Support
08.04.10021C295M 13.ELtrPLF055Arr. 0945LT /Dep. Support
Credit's; P.R.Kroese, Milspotters, Otto, scramble, and other who wants to stay anonymous.

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