Participants F-16AM/BM
3x BAF 2W
3x RDAF Esk730
01-09 Till 14-11 to Orland,Norway.

F-16 Used Callsigns:

Participants "Enemy's"
16 Till 18 june
4 x F-16CG/DG 555thFS

11 Till 25 july
4x HAWK T1

Support planes


Fighter Weapons Instructor Training 2008

Fighter Weapons Instructor Training 2008

In the period from 13 May till november 2008 will 15 'students' participate in the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training (FWIT) hosted by the 323 Tactess sq at the Leeuwarden Airbase. This training is to train F-16 Pilots into Weapons instructors. The weapons-instructors has to know after this training all ins and outs of the system and weapons of the Mid Life Update F-16 and tacktics to be used. After the FWIT is the instructor capabel to share his skills and expirence to his sqn pilots.

Participants are the Belgian-, Danish-, Norwegian-, Portugees- and the Dutch airforces. The exercise contains a Air to Air and a Air to Ground Fase. Both fases are acadamics- and a pratical part. At the end off course there will be a endpresentation and a gratuation.
The Air to Air fase will be from 13 may till 25 july. In this period several Nato country will send some fighter who will be playing the 'enemy' The planning is that in the period 9 june till 18 june six Lakenheath F-15 will play the "enemy". In the period 11 till 25 july there is the plan of 4 HAWKs and Typhhoons from the RAF that will play the "enemy"
After this period there will be a holiday stop till 1 september.

The "Air to Surfase" fase will be from 1 september till 14 november and will take place at the Main Air Station Ørland, Norway. The reason is the noise reduction and a sutable gunnery-range for dropping of live bombs.
During the FWIT the students will make 2 waves a day (1145-1330LT and 1445-1630LT) with 12 F-16's, besite the regular flying Program of the Leeuwarden F-16's.

Pictures FWIT08

**14-05->First Mission day FWIT08

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