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Date:...11= Active flying duty,
J-... = flying outside Netherlands
J-... = Crashed, W/O= Written off, WFU= Withdrown from use, scrapped, Preserved, instructional AF, sold.

SerialUnitLast noted Active/PreviousStatusRemarks
J-002322Tactess26MAR20 EHLWWFULast Flight as "SAW2", END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-003312sq/tdAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-004/AZ148thFS/AZAPR07 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-005312sq/tdAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-006312sq/tdAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-007313sq10Jan92 EHVKw/oCrashed at the Vliehors "Cornfield" range
Pilot 1Lt. Willem "SUDS" van Suijdam (27) R.I.P
J-008313sq/fcAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-009313sq18JAN21 EHVKWFULast Mission/Flight as "FIST2", END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-010/AZ148thFS/AZ16APR07 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-011312sq/tdnov20 EHVKact.-
J-012315sq10JAN96 EHTWw/oCrashed due to engine problems into the Northsea.
Pilot Capt. Ludo de la Haye, ES
J-013322TactessAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-014nmkNOV20 EHVKact.-
J-015nmkNOV20 EHVKact.-
J-016312sq/tdDEC20 EHVKact.-
J-017312/3sqDEC20 EHVKact.-
J-018/AZ148thFS/AZ03AUG12 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-019/AZ148thFS/AZJUN09 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-020312sq/fcMRT21 EHVKact.-
J-021312/3sqDEC20 EHVKact.-
J-054315sq11FEB1992 EHTWw/oCrashed after engine problems into residential area the Hasseler-ES, Hengelo
Pilot 1Lt. Tim Shaft ES
J-055312sq/fcAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-056315sq19APR1989 EHTWw/oCrashed after engine failure near Javinque, Belgium
Pilot ES
J-057RJAF14DEC17 -soldDep to Jordania RJAF as 249 "RJZ238Flight"
J-058FadCJUN09 ex 312sqsoldSold to Chile as 758
J-059315sq22DEC1999 EHTW"GRIZZLY2"Crashed after mid-Air-Collision with PA.28-140 PH-BLY nr Ettenleur.
Pilot 1Lt Lonneke "BETTY" Maes ES
J-060322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-061VLK wing28JAN21 EHVKWFUDep. to Volkel as SAW1", 12-06 Last flight EoLT
J-062312sq/fcAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-063Mig kill APR21 EHVKact.-
J-064148thFS/AZAUG12 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-065322Tactess21SEP20 EHVKwfuLast light "COBRA1" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-067148thFS/AZJUN17 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-068311sq/fc21Sep06 EHVK"REBEL21"Crashed after engine stall due to birdstrike at Volkel.
Pilot Capt. Ruben "DUCK" Donkervoort 312sq ES
Pilot Capt. Marcel "KETSER" Ketster 312sq ES
J-135322Tactess07OCT20 EHVKWFULast light "BLADE1" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-136312sqNOV20 EHVKact.-
J-137FadCMAY07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 726
J-138FadC04NOV10 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 757, Dep 04.11.2010LWD
J-139FadCMAY07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 731
J-140311sq21MAY98 EHVKw/oWO after hitting some trees in Goose Bay, Canada. J-140 was damaged beyond repair.
Pilot Capt. Andre "JABBA" Steur 312sq ES
J-141FadCOCT06 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 730
J-142322Tactess19 EHLWWFUSold to Portugal as Spare parts.
J-143FadCJUL07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 725
J-144322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.--
J-145RJAF25OCT17 -soldDep to Jordania RJAF as 248 "RJZ236Flight"
J-146312sq/323tdDEC20 EHVKact.-
J-192FadC04NOV10 ex 311sqsoldSold to Chile as 752 Dep.04.11.2010Lwd
J-193RJAF14DEC17 ex 322/323sqsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 246 "RJZ238Flight"
J-194FadCOCT06 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 722
J-195311sq/td10FEB1993 EHVK"AG03"Crashed after Flight control problems and came down about 1420Lt near Geffen.
Pilot 1Lt Edgar "Torch" Timmers, ES
J-197311sq/fc19AUG20 EHVKact.Dep. for a paintjob to Alverca, Portugal
J-198FadC04NOV10 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 753, Dep 04.11.2010LWD
J-199RJAF25OCT17 ex 311sqsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 247 "RJZ236Flight"
J-200323sq28FEB91 -w/oCrashed into the Northsea, 130NM North of Texel
Pilot 1Lt. Eduard "KLEP" Gelens R.I.P
J-201322TactessNOV20 EHLWact.-
J-202RJAFOCT14 ex 323sq/tdsold(Sold to Jordania) exp. delivery 2017?
J-203FadC29AUG11 ex 322sqsoldSold to Chile as 745, Dep 29.08.2011VKL
J-204FadC18EB10 ex 322sqsoldSold to Chile as 754, Dep 04.04.2011VKL
J-205FadCMAR07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 729
J-206311sq15JUN01 -STING1Crashed after engine failure about 1115LT 15 miles northeast off Terschelling.
Pilot Maj. Coen "KUNTA" Deering ES
J-207FadC04NOV10 ex 322sqsoldSold to Chile as 755, Dep 04.11.2010LWD
J-208RJAF29NOV17 -soldDep to Jordania RJAF as 237 "RJZ242Flight"
J-209148thFS/AZ03AUG12 jun08 ex322sqact.Tucson, Arizona
J-210148thFS/AZOCT14 -act.Tucson, Arizona
J-211FAdCMAR07 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 738
J-212312sq01OCT98 -scrScrapped First dutch F-16A
J-213scr07JUL20 -scrScrapped after years as Gate guard KMA Breda
J-2143..sq- -scrScrapped
J-215312sq/tdDEC14 EHSBstdNationaal militair museum, Soesterberg
J-216TCA10MAR80 -w/oCrashed as first Dutch F-16 (with 5 Flight hours), into the IJsselmeer nr Stavoren during mission at Vliehors range.
Pilot Cap. Eric J.L.Kropman R.I.P
J-217322sq17JUL87 -w/oCr after missing Barrier during engine failure Leeuwarden AB.
Pilot Lt. Filip "JUICE" Appeldorn ES
J-218RijswijkMAR07 -instr.Instructional airframe
J-219EHLWJUL08 -instr.Instruction LWD
J-220EHWOJUL08 -stdFuselage, Fokker area EHWO
J-221EHSBMAR07 -stdFor 313sq Volkel
J-222EHVKJAN08 -instr.Instructional airframe
J-223EHWOMAR02 -instr.Instructional airframe
J-224322sq26APR83 -w/oCr after Mid-Air-Collision nr. Hoogeveen (2045Lt) with J-227.
Pilot 2Lt. Bob "SHOP" van Winkel (23) R.I.P
J-225322sq21MAR83 -w/oCr nr Soltau, Germany
Pilot: Capt. Eduard Wiener (40) ES
J-226EHWOMAR07 -exbFor Exhibitions
J-227322sq26APR83 -w/oCr after Mid-Air-Collision nr. Hoogeveen (2045Lt) with J-224.
Pilot Capt. Han "CAT" Huisman (32) R.I.P
J-228EHLWJUL08 Gate guard LWDw/oWO after hitting some trees in the Churchill River Valley, 100KM of Goose Bay, Canada. J-228 was damaged beyond repair and is now outside gate on pole at LWD
Pilot 1Lt Sander "SADO" de Kok 311sq ES (after mishap Callsign changed in "STEKKIE")
J-229EHVKJAN08 -instr.Instructional airframe
J-230EHSBAPR08 -stdStored Soesterberg
J-2313..sq/..- Scrappedw/oWO, Scrapped
J-232VtocMAY07 -stdVtoc schiphol
J-233323sq/fc20OCT81 -w/oCrashed nr Ameland into the Waddensea
Pilot Maj. Jackie "HARLEY" Brouwer (45) ES
J-234EHSBNOV07 -stdStored
J-235EHEHAPR08 -instr.Instruction Eindhoven
J-236ROCJAN09 -instr.Instruction ROC A'dam
J-237322sq03JUN81 -w/oCr into the Lauwersmeer after an engine failure Pilot Bob "SHOP" van Winkel (21) ES
J-238-NOV97 -ggGate-guard Eindhoven
J-239-- -scrScrapped
J-240EHVK31OCT08 -ggGate-guard Volkel 312sq/FC
J-241Instr.APR06 -instr.As "J-315" at Tilburg
J-242KjevikAPR06 -instr.Instruction
J-243EHSBJAN07 -unk-
J-244322sq17NOV86 -w/oCrashed into the northsea nr ameland
Pilot Bas "SJAKIE" Pellemans ES
J-245RamsteinDEC07 -unk-
J-246EHVLDEC2016 -PoleStored on the roundabout N264 Zeelandseweg at Volkel.
J-247EHSB- -stdStored Soesterberg
J-248EHWOFEB08 -exbTraveling Exhibit (demo)
J-249MaastrichtMAY07 -instr.Instruction
J-2503..sq/..FEB08 -instr.Instruction (Leerdock) Woensdrecht
J-251--JUL07 -scrScrapped
J-252322sq04OCT83 -w/oCrashed due to birdstrike during Take-off run, missing cable and ran of the runway at LWD
Pilot Jannes C. "JC" de Vries (31) R.I.P
J-2533..sq/..FEB08 -scrScrapped
J-254--FEB07 -scrScrapped
J-255FAdCFEB07 -instr.Instruction FAdC Chile
J-256TU DelftJAN09 Instructioninstr.WO, Instruction TU Delft
J-257--FEB07 -scrScrapped
J-258322sq10MAY90 -w/oCrashed nr Grand Lake , canada after mid-air-collision
Pilot Capt. Rein "SNATCH" Sneek ES
J-259EHWOJAN07 -instr.Instruction (Leerdock) Woensdrecht
J-260EHWOMAY08 -ggGateguard EHWO
J-261EHSBAPR06 -instr.Firebrigade training at Leeuwarden
J-262-07 -scrScrapped
J-263EHSBJAN07 -instr.Firebrigade training at Woensdrecht
J-264EHSBAPR06 -scrTo be scrapped
J-265EHSBJAN07 -ggFor NLR special C/S "313 Nato Tiger"
J-266EHLWJUN08 Jun08 ex std EHSBinstr. Instruction (Leerdock) Leeuwarden
J-267RJAFJUL09 ex 306sq/tdsoldSold to Jordania RJAF as 130
J-269RJAFJUL09 ex "Pacer Amstel F-16"soldSold to Jordania RJAF as 131
J-270313sq/tdJUL09 ex "Pacer Amstel F-16"soldSold to Jordania RJAF as 132
J-271323sq/TCA11DEC1984 EHLWw/oCrashed near Grossfeldberg, Germany.
Pilot Capt. Wijnand E. Van Nieuwenburg 312sq R.I.P.
Pilot 1Lt Ton Vervoort 311sq R.I.P.
J-358323sq10MAY90 EHLWw/oCrashed after mid-air-collision with F-16A (J-258)nr Grand Lake, Canada.
Pilot Capt. Leo "Moist" Vogt R.I.P.
J-359323sq23SEP92 EHLWw/oCrashed near Arum, due to an engine stall, enroute to the Cornfield range
Pilot Capt. Bob "BODY" Verkroost 323sq (34) ES (2nd bailout)
J-360FadC07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 723
J-361312sq/fc23SEP99 -"STING2"Crashed into the Northsea
Pilot Capt. Andre "DAMON" van Ooijen ES
J-362322Tactess23JAN20 EHVKWFULast Flight "SAW1" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-363312/311sq/fc19JUL2006 EHVK"BURST22"Crashed over the Waddenzee near the island of Vlieland around 15:00Lt (1300Z). The cause of the accident is currently unknown, but the investigations all point to a crack in the diffuser case causing an engine failure.
Pilot 1Lt M "BASSIE" van Zuijdam ES
J-3641(nl)ATF31AUG2006 ex 312sqw/oCrashed about 1900Lt into an mountain nearr Ghszni, Uruzgan Afganistan
Pilot Capt. Michael "SOFAC" Donkervoort 313sq R.I.P
J-365FadC29AUG11 ex 312sqsoldSold to Chile as 756, Dep 29.08.2011VKL
J-366/AZ148thFS/AZNOV14 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-367322Tactess02DEC20 EHLW act.Dep. for maintenance to SABCA, Charleroi, Belgium
J-368312sqOCT20 EHVKact.-
J-369148thFS/AZ16APR07 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona
J-508nmk30OCT20 EHVKact.Dep. for maintenance to SABCA, Charleroi, Belgium
J-509322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-510RJAF29NOV17 EHVKsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 250 "RJZ242Flight"
J-511322Tactess/nb15APR21 EHLWWFULast Flight "BISCUIT01" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-512312/3sq/nmkDEC20 EHVKact.-
J-513322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-514313sq/tdSEP20 EHVKact.-
J-515312sq/fcAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-516322TactessDEC20 EHLWact.-
J-616312sq/td18JAN21 EHVKWFULast Mission/Flight as "FIST3", END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-617PAF/FadC2011 ex 311sqsold(Sold) to Chile 741
J-618311sq26MAY92 -w/oCrashed after engine failure Goose bay, Canada
Pilot Capt. Jac "BOWLER" Jansen ES
J-619FAdCJUL07 -soldSold to Chile as 728
J-620FadC29AUG11 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 742, Dep 29.08.2011VKL
J-621311sq03JUN83 -w/oCrashed after mid-air-collision with J-865 F-16A near Gronau, Germany.
Pilot 1Lt. Hans "APPLE" van Schaijk R.I.P.
J-622FadCJUL07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 727
J-623RJAF29NOV17 EHVKsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 238 "RJZ242Flight"
J-624322Tactess16APR20 EHVKWFULast Flight "BLADE1" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-625311sq04JUN88 EHVKw/oCrashed near Goose Bay, Newfoundland.
Pilot Captain Bob "BODY" Verkroost 312sq ES
J-626311sq13JUN86 EHVKw/oCrashed into the North Sea nr Doggersbank after an engine flame-out.
Pilot 2Lt. Marcel Bijmoer 306sq ES
J-627FadCAUG11 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 743, Dep
J-628322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-629306sq15APR86 -w/oCrashed near Linz, Germany
Pilot Capt. Rob H.K. "DILLY" de Wijk
J-630312sq/fc13APR21 EHVKWFULast Mission/Flight as "KING01", END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-631322Tactess28AUG20 EHVKWFULast Flight "POLLY1" LWD to VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-632322TactessJAN21 EHVKact.-
J-633FadCOCT06 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 721
J-634306sq28MAY84 w/oCrashed near Linz Am Rhein, Germany in a residential area.
Pilot 1Lt Peter "GIPSY" Enzerink R.I.P.
J-635312sq/td17JUL19 EHVKWFULast Flight VKL, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-636FadC06APR11 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 744
J-637RJAF29NOV17 ex 312sq/tdsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 239 "RJZ242Flight"
J-638RJAF25OCT17 ex 311sq/fcsoldDep to Jordania as 240 "RJZ236Flight"
J-639306sq11Feb88 -w/oCrashed after an engine failure near Volkel AB at Haaksbergen
Pilot 1Lt Mark Brouwer ES
J-640PAF/FadC04APR2011 ex 312sqw/oCrashed at landing SABCA, Gosselies (Was for Chile 745)
Pilot ES
J-641312sq/fcJAN21 EHVKact.-
J-642312sq/nmk4OCT19 EHVKWFULast Flight Volkel, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-643313sq/td14DEC18 EHVKWFU.Last Flight Volkel, END OF LIFETIME, WFU
J-644322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-645306sq09AUG93 EHVKw/oCrashed after an Compressor Inlet Variable Stator failure at Volkel Airbase
Pilot 1Lt Jacob "HOLY" Andringa (21) ES
J-646312sq/tdAPR21 EHVKact.--
J-647PAFSEP15 ex 306sq/td-(Sold to Jordania) exp. delivery 2017
J-648FadC06APR11 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 746
J-649FAdCMAY07 -soldSold to Chile as 737
J-650RJAFJUL09 ex 311sq/fcsoldSold to Jordan RJAF as 133
J-651EH..JAN07 -unk-
J-652FAdCMAY07 -soldSold to Chile as 734
J-653RJAFJUL09 ex 312sq/FCsoldSold to Jordania RJAF as 134
J-654RJAFJUL09 ex 312sq/fcsoldSold to Jordania RJAF as 135
J-655FAdCMAR15 -soldSold to Chile as 735
J-656FAdCOCT06 -soldChile as 733
J-657FAdCOCT06 -soldSold to Chile as 736
J-710315sq/td21NOV90 EHTWw/oCrashed nr Coevorden & Dalerpeel due to Flight control problems
Pilot Capt. Maarten "PUKE" Pladet ES
J-864FadC04NOV10 ex 311sqsoldSold to Chile as 747 Dep.04.11.2010Lwd
J-865311sq03JUN85 -w/oCrashed after mid-air-collision with J-621 F-16A near Gronau, Germany.
Pilot 1Lt.Wiebe F.M. "SKIPPY" Schiphorst R.I.P.
J-866312sq14JAN19 BredaPreLast Flight Volkel, END OF LIFETIME, WFU,07JUL20 Gate guard KMA, Breda
J-867FadC06APR11 ex 311sqsoldSold to Chile as 748
J-868RJAF29NOV17 ex 323sq/tdsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 241 "RJZ242Flight"
J-869FadC04NOV10 ex 322sqsoldSold to Chile as 759, Dep 04.11.2010LWD
J-870RJAF14DEC17 ex 312sqsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 242 "RJZ238Flight"
J-871322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-872RJAF25OCT17 ex 323sq/tdsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 243 "RJZ236Flight"
J-873RJAF25OCT17 ex 322sq/tdsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 244 "RJZ236Flight"
J-874FadC29AUG11 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 750, Dep 29.08.2011VKL
J-875FadC29AUG11 ex 323sqsoldSold to Chile as 751, Dep 29.08.2011VKL
J-876RJAF29NOV17 ex 65 years 322sq tailsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 245 "RJZ242Flight"
J-877323sq/tdOCT14 EHLWsold(Sold to Jordania), weapons trainer
J-878FadCMAY07 ex 3..sqsoldSold to Chile as 724
J-879322TactessAPR21 EHLWact.-
J-880312sq21MAY91 -w/oCrashed into the mediterenean after engine stall, 18Miles West coast of Sardinia, Italy
Pilot "ROEF" Dieters ES
J-882306sq/AZAPR21 EHVKact.-
J-883Fokker? FokkerdelTo Egypt as 9207, was still at the factory by Fokker. Never delivered to the RNLAF as J-883
J-884RJAF25OCT17 ex 312sq/fcsoldDep to Jordania RJAF as 236 "RJZ236Flight"
J-885148thFS/AZJUN08 KTUSact.Tucson, Arizona

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