Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4D

*Cornfield Movements 1988*

**Cornfield Movements 1998**

***Cornfield Movements 1999***

****Cornfield Movements 2000****

Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4D 2007

*=Overshoot/low approuch, A/Arr=Arrival, (B)=Badge, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, H-Hands= holding hands, FS=Fullstop, P/L=Precaution landing, RON=Remain over night, TDY=Temporary duty, T/GO= touch and go,

*** The badges on the tail do not always mean an F-16 is flying for the Squadron involved.***
Airbase=eh../Squadron=...sq/(B)=Badge on tail


28.11.08 PH-CGNDo.228-212 C.D.L COASTGUARD01Crossing the range
28.11.08 R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heliport Vlieland/ Medevac
27.11.082x F-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTiger11,121000-1045LT
27.11.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET0940-1005LT
26.11.08 2xF-16AM 323sq COBRA21,221808-1810LT->Tra's->1823-1850LT
26.11.08 4xF-16AM 311sq EPIC21-24Working range area
26.11.08 OY-H..Helicopter Dancopter Dancopter3.BCrossing the range inbound de Kooy
26.11.08 R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02Stand-by Heliport Vlieland
25.11.08 J-...F-16AM 322sq POLLY222115LT->tra's->2139-2141LT->Tra's
25.11.08 J-...F-16AM 323sq ARCHER241750-1850LT
25.11.08 (J-881)F-16AM 323sq ARCHER231750-1850LT
25.11.08 J-...F-16AM 323sq ARCHER221750-1835LT
25.11.08 (J-876)F-16AM 323/322sq/sp.Tail ARCHER211750-1835LT
25.11.08 2xF-16AM 313sq METAL21,22Working range area, mission
25.11.08 4xF-16AM 311sq STING21-24Working range area, mission
25.11.08 PH-CG.Do.228-212 C.D.L COASTGUARD02Crossing the range
25.11.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51RANGE1000-1030LT
25.11.08 R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heliport Vlieland
24.11.08 4xF-16AM/BM 323sq ARCHER21,22,23,241807-1827LT-> Tra'
24.11.08 2xF-16AM 313sq METAL21,221516-1529LT-> Tra's
24.11.08 3xF-16AM 312sq SHARK21-231507-1525LT-> Tra's
24.11.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET1000-1030LT
24.11.08 R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02Stand-by Heliport Vlieland
20.11.08J-... F-16AM/BM 323sq/KTVRACK211530-1535LT canceld due to weather
19.11.08 OY-H..Helicopter Dancopter Dancopter38BCrossing the range
18.11.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET21510-1543LT 1 hung-up bomb
18.11.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET11510-1538LT
18.11.08 R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heliport Vlieland/ Medevac
18.11.08 OY-H..Helicopter Dancopter Dancopter37BCrossing the range
17.11.08 .xF-16AM/BM 31sm/10W TIGER111525-1545LT
17.11.08 R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heliport Vlieland
14.11.08 R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02Stand-by Heliport Vlieland
12.11.08 4xF-16AM 322sq SLAMMER21-242113-2145LT
12.11.08 2xF-16AM/BM 312sq BURST21,221400-1430LT
11.11.08 S-453AS532U2 300sq WILDCAT251930-2015LT ->fuelstop De Kooy
10.11.08 S-438AS532U2 300sq WILDCAT25Evening very hard wind 200-38G54kt
07.11.08 4xF-16AM 322sq BLADE21,22,23,241155-1215LT
07.11.08 J-...F-16AM 323sq KILLER231110-1114LT canceled due to Fog
07.11.08 J-...F-16AM 323sq KILLER221110-1114LT canceled due to Fog
07.11.08 J-...F-16AM 323sq KILLER211110-1114LT canceled due to Fog
06.11.08 OY-H..Helicopter Dancopter Dancopter37Crossing the range
05.11.08 J-...F-16AM 322sq BLADE222054-2105LT
05.11.08 (J-879)F-16AM 322sq/td BLADE212054-2105LT
05.11.08 2xF-16AM 322sq BLADE21,221808-1815LT
05.11.08 F.-...F-16AM/BM 10W TIGER311558-1601LT short visit 1x Radar loft
04.11.08 4.*..Tornado IDS 31e JaBoG NO-101355-1426LT
03.11.08 R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by heliport Vlieland



31.10.082x F-16AM 322sq SLAMMER21,221050-1145LT
31.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
31.10.082.. SH-14D DHC/Marheli NRNavy4920825LT For exercise
30.10.08J-648 F-16AM 323/322sq/td SLAMMER241058-1130LT 2x BDU33(MK76)
30.10.08J-203 F-16AM 323/323sq/td SLAMMER231105-1130LT
30.10.08J-198 F-16AM 323/323sq/td SLAMMER221058-1130LT 2x BDU33(MK76)
30.10.08J-872 F-16AM 323/323sq/td SLAMMER211058-1130LT 2x BDU33(MK76)
30.10.084x F-16AM 311sq SHARK21-241005-1050LT
30.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
29.10.084x F-16AM 312sq BURST21-241630-1700LT
29.10.081x F-16AM 31sm/10W TIGER311515-1520LT
29.10.082x F-16AM 323sq DIANA21,221405-1510LT working "WINDMILL20"
29.10.082x F-16AM 323sq KILLER21,221350-1405LT working "WINDMILL20"
29.10.082.. SH-14D DHC/Marheli NRNavy651220LT work at the strafe target
29.10.082x F-16AM 322sq POLLY21,22Request tower fly-by 1130LT
29.10.08OY-H.. Helicopter Dancopter DANCOPTER37AX range to oilrig L15A
29.10.08J-... F-16AM 322sq POLLY221009-1050LT 2x BDU33 "windmill20"
29.10.08J-... F-16AM 322sq POLLY211009-1050LT 2x BDU33 "windmill20"
29.10.08(J-869) F-16AM 322sq SLAMMER220950-1011LT no bombs "windmill20"
29.10.08(J-648) F-16AM 322/322sq/td SLAMMER210950-1011LT 2x BDU33 "windmill20"
28.10.08J-... F-16AM/BM 313sq METAL231705-1722LT
28.10.082x F-16AM 10W MACE71,721458-1522LT + Fly-by tower
28.10.08J-869 F-16AM 322sq POLLY221358-+/-1440LT
28.10.08J-644 F-16AM 322/322sq/td POLLY211358-+/-1440LT
28.10.08J-648 F-16AM 323/322sq/td COBRA221356-1426LT Live MK-82 + Lantirn-pod
28.10.08J-881 F-16AM 323sq COBRA211356-1426LT LGTR/PavewayII
28.10.082x F-16AM 31sm/10W TIGER31,321305-1325LT
28.10.0830*42 EF2000(T JG-74 LK421155-1210LT 100rounds strafing
28.10.08OY-H.. Helicopter Dancopter DANCOPTER37BX range to oilrig L15A and L2A
28.10.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51 ROCKET0925LT
28.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
27.10.08J-653 F-16BM 312/312sq/fc BURST232100-2130LT 4x BDU33
27.10.08J-365 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc BURST21,22,242100-2130LT 4x BDU33
27.10.082x F-16AM/BM 312sq BURST21,22,242100-2130LT
27.10.08(J-362) F-16AM 323/323sq/td KILLER221410-1500LT 2x BDU33, no guns
27.10.08(J-869) F-16AM 323sq KILLER211410-1500LT no bombs, 20mm guns
27.10.08(J-881) F-16AM 323sq COBRA221356-1415LT
27.10.08J-... F-16AM 323sq COBRA211356-1415LT
27.10.0830*42 EF2000(T) Typhoon JG-74 LK421200-1227LT 1st visit EF, 100rnds Strafe
27.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
27.10.0844*96 Tornado IDS AG51 ROCKET1,2-
27.10.0845*19 Tornado IDS AG51 ROCKET1,2-
24.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland/exercise
23.10.082x F-16AM/BM 323sq KILLER23,241500-1520LT Tra's joining "K21"&"K22"
23.10.08J-640 F-16AM 313/312sq/td ANVIL221400-1440LT ->Simulated E/L inb * Lwd
23.10.08J-146 F-16AM 313/312sq/fc ANVIL211400-1440LT ->Simulated E/L inb * Lwd
23.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10W MACE71,721300-LT
23.10.08J-365 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc SNAKE21-241000-LT
23.10.08J-061 F-16AM 311/312sq/td SNAKE21-241000-LT
23.10.08J-640 F-16AM 311/312sq/td SNAKE21-241000-LT
23.10.08J-146 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc SNAKE21-241000-LT
23.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland/exercise
22.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10W MACE75,761500-1538LT
22.10.08PH-JBY CE-U206F B.D.Rienks PHJBYCrossing light-house/Range
22.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by/exercise
21.10.082x F-16AM 10W BAF211A,B1430-1500LT
21.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by/exercise
21.10.082x 4.*.. Tornado IDS AG51 VIKING1,2-
20.10.082x F-16AM/BM 323sq KILLER21,22Tra's (Bandbox)--> 1200-1210LT
20.10.082x F-16AM/BM 323sq DIANA21,221100LT-->Tra's (Bandbox)
20.10.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
20.10.08J-199 F-16AM 312/311sqtd BULLET23,241000-1040LT Clean jets, no bombs
20.10.08J-008 F-16AM 312/ BULLET23,241000-1040LT Clean jets, no bombs
20.10.08J-061 F-16AM 312/312sq/td BULLET21,221000-1050LT
20.10.08J-018 F-16AM 312/313sq/td BULLET21,221000-1050LT
20.10.084.*.. Tornado IDS AG51 VIKING0930-0950LT only strafing
20.10.08.x F-16AM/BM 10W BASIC410900-0930LT
17.10.083x F-16AM 322sq POLLY21,23,241105-1115LT "21" LGB 100% direct hit
17.10.08G-BDOC Seaking S61N Bristow/SAR Coastguard-OCCrossing the range
16.10.08J-640 F-16AM 312/312sq/td BULLET221430-1520LT
16.10.08J-508 F-16AM 312/313sq/td BULLET211430-1520LT
16.10.08J-058 F-16AM 313/312sq/fc ANVIL221340-1420LT
16.10.08J-057 F-16AM 313/311sq/fc ANVIL211340-1420LT
16.10.082x F-16AM 322sq POLLY21,221st 1130LT->"NAF41"/2nd 1253-1255LT
16.10.082x Tornado IDS AG51(ROCKET)1,20900-0930LT
16/10/08R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by
15.10.08J-058 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc SNAKE21,221342-1435LT
15.10.08J-057 F-16AM 311/311sq/fc SNAKE21,221342-1435LT
15.10.08G-.... Helicopter Bristow LTD BRISTOW53Crossing the Range
15.10.082x F-16AM 311sq FLAME21,220930-1030LT
15/10/08R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
15.10.082x Tornado IDS AG51... 1,20900-0930LT
14.10.084x F-16AM/BM BAF/10WBAF211A-D1600-1625LT
14.10.08T-235 KDC-10 334sqNAF41Fly-by tower
14.10.08J-... F-16AM 323sq/td BLADE22Only Fly-by tower
14.10.08(J-648) F-16AM 323sq/td BLADE21Only Fly-by tower
14.10.08(J-879) F-16AM 322sq/td SLAMMER22Only Fly-by tower
14.10.08(J-362) F-16AM 323sq/td SLAMMER21Only Fly-by tower
14.10.08PH-JBY CE-U206F B.D.Rienks PHJBYFly-by tower
13.10.08J-018 F-16AM 312/313sq/td BULLET22P/L Lwd hung up Bomb
13.10.08J-058 F-16AM 312/312sq/fc BULLET21Escorting "BULLET22"--> range
13.10.082x F-16AM 312sqSHARK21,221345LT both 4x BDU
13.10.082x F-16AM 311sqFLAME21,221030-1115LT
13.10.082x F-16AM 313sqMETAL21,221000-1030LT
10.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10WTIGER31,321030-1100LT
10.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10W/OCUBASIC41,421000-1030LT
10.10.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
09.10.082x F-16AM/BM 322sqPOLLY21,221830-1900LT
09.10.082x F-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA21,221750-1810LT
09.10.082x F-16AM/BM 323sqBEAST21,221750-1805LT
09.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10WTIGER11,121620-11755LT
09.10.08J-365 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc FIST21,22,231430-1455LT FAC "WINDMILL07"
09.10.08J-146 F-16AM 311/312sq/fc FIST21,22,231430-1455LT FAC "WINDMILL07"
09.10.08J-020 F-16AM 311/313sq/td FIST21,22,231430-1455LT FAC "WINDMILL07"
09.10.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by Heli-port Vlieland
09.10.08PH-TEX Reims F172M Tessel Air PHTEXX for counting seals, VLieland
09.10.08PH-PBL CE172M Flying Focus PHPBLX for Photoflight S VLieland
09.10.08J-020 F-16AM 311/313sq/td FIST231030-1115LT 4xBDU "WINDMILL07"
08.10.082x F-16AM/BM 312sqBURST21,22Evening 2045-2115LT
08.10.082x F-16AM/BM 312sqBULLET21,22Evening 2000-2030LT->Inb. Tra's
08.10.081x F-16AM/BM 10WTIGER231630-1700LT
08.10.082x F-16AM/BM 10WTIGER21,221600-1630LT
08.10.082.. SH-14D Marheli/DHC NAVY471Exercise at the range
08.10.082x Tornado IDS GAF..A,B--
07.10.082x F-16AM 322sqPOLLY21,22Evening
07.10.082x F-16AM 312sqBURST21,22Evening
07.10.08J-... F-16AM 312sqBULLET22Evening
07.10.08J-020 F-16AM 312/313sq/td BULLET21Evening Hung up BDU left side P/L LWD
07.10.08J-... F-16AM 323sqKILLER21Cancelled
06.10.08J-... F-16AM 311sqM1814Evening
06.10.08J-... F-16AM 311sqM1813Evening
06.10.08J-515 F-16AM 311sq/td M1812Evening Hung up BDU station3 P/L LWD
06.10.08J-... F-16AM 311sqM1811Evening
06.10.082x F-16AM 323sqCOBRA21,22Evening
06.10.082x A-10A 81stFS----
01.10.082x F-16AM 322/323sq BLADE21,22"BLADE21"2 Bombs "BLADE22"4 Bombs
01.10.084x F-16AM 322/323sq POLLY21-241730LT
01.10.08D-666 CH-47D 298sq/DHC D666--
01.10.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by


25.09.08D-103 CH-47D 298sqSTORM--
25.09.08(J-644) +2 F-16AM 322/323sq(td) POLLY21,22,23-
25.09.08(J-513) +2 F-16AM 323sq(td) KILLER21,22,23-
25.09.082x Tornado IDS GAF....-
24.09.08J-057 F-16AM 312/311sq(fc) BURST24Precaution landing Lwd hung up Bomb
24.09.08J-... F-16AM 312sq(..) BURST23-
24.09.08J-... F-16AM 312sq(..) BURST22-
24.09.08J-365 F-16AM 312/312sq(fc) BURST21* Escorting "BURST24" to Lwd
24.09.08S-454 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT11--
24.09.08(D-666) CH-47D 298sqSTORM--
24.09.08(J-513) F-16AM 323sq(td) BEAST--
22.09.08(J-362) F-16AM 323sq(nb) KILLER22--
22.09.08J-.. F-16AM 323sq(..) KILLER21--
22.09.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by
18.09.08J-511 F-16AM 312/311sq(fc) BURST21*Escorting "BURST22"-> Cornfield
18.09.08J-640 F-16AM 312sq(td) BURST22E/L Birdhit to Leeuwarden
12.09.08Q-10 AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51form--
12.09.08Q-.. AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51form--
10.09.08J-869 F-16AM 323sq(nb) KILLER22--
10.09.08J-513 F-16AM 323sq(td) KILLER21--
10.09.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by
09.09.082x Tornado IDS 31e JaBoG NO..A/B--
09.09.08J-135 F-16AM 323/322sq(td) KILLER22--
09.09.08J-513 F-16AM 323sq(td) KILLER21--
09.09.08D-... CH-47D 298sq/DHC CORONA4--
09.09.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by
05.09.08J-640 F-16AM 312sq(td) -Fly-by "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08J-057 F-16AM 313sq(td) -Fly-by "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08J-009 F-16AM 313/322sq(fc) -Fly-by "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08PH-DHC/S-9 U-6A(DHC-2) RNLAF His flt PHDHCFly-by S-9 "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08PH-PSC PA18-135 RNLAF His flt -Fly-by R-137 "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08PH-PPW PA18-135 RNLAF His flt -Fly-by R-122 "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08J-624 F-16AM 322sq(nb) -Fly-by "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08J-879 F-16AM 322sq(td) -Fly-by "60 years" Cornfield reunion
05.09.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01"60 years" Cornfield reunion
04.09.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by
03.09.08R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by
02.09.084.*.. Tornado IDS JBG33BU13B-
02.09.084.*.. Tornado IDS JBG33BU13A-
01.09.08J-516 F-16AM 323sq KILLER21,22-
01.09.08J-869 F-16AM 323sq(nb) KILLER21,22-
01.09.08R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by


28/8/0843*08 Tornado IDS(T) JBG-32GAFLC01Fuelstop EHLW
27/8/0843*08 Tornado IDS(T) JBG-32GAFLC01BFuelstop EHLW
27/8/0845*12 Tornado IDS(T) JBG-32GAFLC01AFuelstop EHLW
26/8/082x Tornado IDS JBG-32GAFLC01A,BAAR by "QUID65" KC-135R
25/8/082x Tornado IDS JBG-32GAFLC01A,BAAR by "QUID65" KC-135R
25/8/08R-01 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01-
25/8/08(J-869) F-16AM 322sq(td) KILLER22Escorting "KILLER22" RTB
25/8/08J-... F-16AM 322/323sq KILLER210947LT Hung-up 'MK-84' left wing
25/8/08(J-879) F-16AM 322sq(td) POLLY22-
25/8/08(J-876) F-16AM 322sq(spT) POLLY21Special tail "65 years 322sq"
25/8/082x F-16AM/BM 323sq() COBRA21,22-
25/8/08R-03 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by
21/8/08J-014 F-16AM 311/313sq(td) FIST21,222x MK106, 2x MK76
21/8/08J-005 F-16AM 311/311sq(fc) FIST21,222x MK106, 2x MK76
19/8/082x F-16AM 322/323sq() PLAYER21,22-
19/8/082x F-16AM 323sq()COBRA21,22-
19/8/084.*.. Tornado AG-51(SPEAR)-
19/8/08R-03 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by
18/8/082x F-16AM 323sq()KILLER21,22-
18/8/082x F-16AM 322sq()BLADE21,22"BLADE22" Hung-up MK106 station7
18/8/08R-03 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Stand-by
12/8/08(J-876) F-16AM 322sq(spT) KILLER22Special tail "65 years 322sq"
12/8/08J-... F-16AM 322/323sq() KILLER21-
12/8/08(J-869) F-16AM 322/323sq(td) PLAYER22-
12/8/08(J-366) F-16AM 322sq(td) PLAYER21-
12/8/08J-... F-16AM 323sq(td) BEAST22-
12/8/08(J-872) F-16AM 323sq(td) BEAST21-
12/8/08R-01 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by
06/8/084x F-16AM/BM 10WMATRIX61-64Medium level bombing
06/8/08J-509 F-16AM 312/313sq(td) FISTFly-by Tower, also at EHLW AB
06/8/0812-KO/109 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7641-
06/8/0812-KG/104 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7640-
06/8/08FA-124 F-16BM 10WBASIC42-
06/8/08FB-20 F-16AM 10WBASIC41-
06/8/0846*61 Tornado IDS(T) AG-51PANTHER2-
06/8/08PH-CGN Do228-212 DCG/CLDCOASTGUARD01Fly-by tower
05/8/0812-KO/109 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7643-
05/8/0812-KG/104 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7642-
05/8/08J-512 F-16AM 313sq(td) STING23Fly-by tower only
05/8/08J-020 F-16AM 312/313sq(td) STING22Fly-by tower only
05/8/08J-058 F-16AM 312sq(nb) STING21Fly-by tower only
05/8/08PH-JBY Cessna U206F PrivatePHJBYFly-by tower
05/8/0881-0963/SP A-10A 81stFSHEAT02-
05/8/0881-0281/SP A-10A 81stFSHEAT01-
05/8/08FA-116 F-16AM 10WTIGER34-
05/8/08FA-1136 F-16AM 10WTIGER33-
05/8/08FA-104 F-16AM 10WTIGER32-
05/8/08FA-129 F-16AM 10WTIGER31-
05/8/0812-KO/109 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7641-
05/8/0812-KG/104 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7640-
05/8/08J-021 F-16AM 312sq(nb) SHARK21-
04/8/0812-KE/101 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7644-
04/8/0812-KG/104 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7645-
04/8/08J-641 F-16AM 312/311sq(fc) BURST21 back after escorting "BURST22" to EHLW
04/8/08FA-121 F-16AM 2WMATRIX74Special Tail
04/8/08FA-125 F-16AM 2WMATRIX73-
04/8/08FA-127 F-16AM 2WMATRIX72-
04/8/08FA-128 F-16AM 2WMATRIX71-
04/8/08J-021 F-16AM 312sq(td) BURST22P/L Leeuwarden hung-up Bomb MK-106
04/8/08J-641 F-16AM 312/311sq(fc) BURST21* escorting "BURST22"
04/8/0812-KD/123 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7641-
04/8/0812-KG/104 Mirage2000C EC02.012FAF7640-
01/8/08J-641 F-16AM 312/311sq(fc) BURST22P/L Leeuwarden hung-up Bomb MK-106
01/8/08J-057 F-16AM 312/311sq(td) BURST21* escorting "BURST22"


31/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7640A,B--
31/7/'082xTornado IDS JBG33BU11A,B--
31/7/'08R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
30/7/'082xF-16AM/BM 10WMATRIX51--
30/7/'083xTornado IDS JBG33BU11A-C--
30/7/'08R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
29/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7644A,B--
29/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7642A,B--
29/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7640A,B--
28/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7642A,B--
28/7/'082xF-16AM/BM 10WMACE71,72--
28/7/'084x A-10A 81stFSHARAS01-04(81-0980/SP)
28/7/'082x 12-K.Mirage2000C/D EC02.012FAF7640A,B--
28/7/'08R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
24/7/'0843*65 +1Tornado IDS JBG-31NO01A,B45*63 with special paint
24/7/'08J-270F-16BM 313sq(TD)FIST21,22,23Filming "FIST" flight
24/7/'08J-062F-16AM 313sq(TDFIST21,22,23--
24/7/'08J-021F-16AM/BM 312sq(TD)FIST21,22,23--
24/7/'08FA-..F-16AM 10WMACE71--
23/7/'08J-061F-16AM 322sq()KILLER21,22--
22/7/'084.*..Tornado IDS JBG33BU21B--
22/7/'084.*..Tornado IDS JBG33BU21A--
22/7/'08J-021F-16AM 312sq()METAL22After range low app LWD
22/7/'08J-061F-16AM 312sq(TD)METAL21After range low app LWD
21/7/'08..*..Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET01,02--
18/7/'082xF-16AM/BM 313sqANVIL21,22--
15/7/'0843*41Tornado IDS JBG-31NO..--
15/7/'0843*65Tornado IDS JBG-31NO..Special paint
15/7/'08..F-16AM/BM 10WBASIC41--
15/7/'08S-419AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT34--
14/7/'08..*..Tornado IDS JBG-31NO52A,B--
14/7/'08..F-16AM/BM 10WMACE71--
14/7/'083xF-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11-13--
11/7/'08J-630F-16AM 311sq(FC)--
09/7/'08..F-16AM/BM 10WMACE71--
09/7/'08R-03AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Stand-by/Medavac Ameland->MCL
04/7/'08..F-16AM/BM 10WBASIC61--
04/7'08J-016F-16AM 312sqSHARK22Drop-off "SHARK21" back to the Range
04/7/'08J-630F-16AM 311(FC)/312sqSHARK21P/L Lwd hung-up (MK106)bomb
04/7/'08R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by/Medavac terschelling VV Sneek
03/7/'08J-146F-16AM 312/312sqMETAL221300-1330LT
03/7/'08J-630F-16AM 311(FC)/312sqMETAL211300-1330LT
03/7/'08R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by
02/7/'08J-640F-16AM 312sqBURST21P/L Lwd hot gun & hung-up (MK-106)bomb
02/7/'084xF-16AM/BM ehvk/311sqSTING21-24After the range to the Tanker "NAF41"
02/7/'08R-03AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Stand-by
01/7/'08T-235KDC-10 334sqNAF41Fly-by
01/7/'08J-146F-16AM 312/312sqKING22After the range to the Tanker "NAF41"
01/7/'08J-630F-16AM 311/312sq(NB)KING21After the range to the Tanker "NAF41"
01/7/'08R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by/Medavac MCL


302xF-16AM/BM ehvk/312sqBURST21,22After the range to the Tanker "NAF41"
30R-03AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Stand-by
24(J-641)+1F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sqBULLET21,22-
24(J-637)+1F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sqSTING21,22-
24.xF-16AM/BM 2WBAF231-
10J-630F-16AM ehvk(NB)---
112xF-16AM/BM ehlw/322sqPOLLY1,2-
11.xF-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11-
104xF-16AM/BM 2WMACE91-94-
102xF-16AM/BM 2WMATRIX81,82-
10(J-513)F-16AM ehlw/322sqBLADE1
10(J-869)F-16AM ehlw/322sqPOLLY1-
10J-...F-16BM ehlw/322sqPOLLY2-
10.xF-16AM/BM 2WMATRIX91-
10.xF-16AM/BM 2WMATRIX71-
102xF-16AM/BM ehlw/323sqCOBRA1,2-
10(J-653)+3xF-16BM ehvk/312sq(FC)STING1-4-
10(J-061)+3xF-16AM ehvk/312sq(TD)STING1-4-
104xF-16AM/BM ehvl/312sqSTING1-4-
09FA-84F-16AM 2WMATRIX82Escort MATRIX81 to LWD
09FB-21F-16BM 2WMATRIX81Fuelproblem emergency to LWD
03Q-08AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51form--
03Q-21AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN51form--
02J-624F-16AM 322/322sq(TD)...--
02J-513F-16AM 323/323sq(TD)...--


28D-662CH-47D 298sqSTORM4--
28S-445AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT64--
27D-662CH-47D 298sqSTORM4--
27S-445AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT64--
26D-662CH-47D 298sqSTORM4--
26Q-18AH-64D 301sqREDSKIN09--
26S-445AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT72--
234xF-16AM/BM 322sqPOLLY1-4--
23R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
224xF-16AM/BM 322/323sqSLAMMER1-4--
214xF-16AM/BM 2WBAF221A-D--
212xF-16AM/BM FWIT08VIPER1,2--
21J-270F-16BM ehlw/313sq(TD)...-
212xF-16AM/BM 2WMATRIX81,82--
21R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
21J-644F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq(NB)BLADE1,2-
21J-869F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq(NB)BLADE1-
20S-4..AS532U2 300sqWOLFHOUND66(Late)evening
20.xF-16AM/BM 311sqSKIDO--
20.xF-16AM/BM 2WBAF211--
19D-662CH-47D 298sqSTORM4(Late)evening
19J-...F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sqPOLLY21Hang-up bomb
19J-...F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sqPOLLY22-
19R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by, Medavac MCL
154xF-16AM/BM 10WMACE81-84-
15N-321Hunter T.8C D.H.H.FHUNTER221535LT Fly-by tower inb EHDK
152xF-16AM/BM ehlw/323sqKILLER1,2-
152xF-16AM/BM ebbl/31smTIGER11-
15R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by, Medavac MCL
14FA-95F-16AM ebbl/10W---
14FA-106F-16AM ebbl/10W---
14PH-PBLCE172M Flying Focus PHPBLFly-by request tower, due to visit AGL
144xF-16AM FWIT08VIPER1-4Fly-by request tower
144xF-16AM FWIT08DEMON1-4Fly-by request tower
14J-061F-16AM 311/312sq(TD)---
14D-662CH-47D 298sqSTORM-
14J-653 F-16BM 313/312sq(FC)TIGER81-
14J-644 F-16AM ehlw/322sq(NB)KILLER-
14R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01--
14PH-4D1Dynamic WT9 Kokke/PrivatePH4D1Fly-by tower on request
13D-662CH-47D 298sqCORONA2-
09J-020F-16AM ehvk/313sq(TD)---
08J-066F-16BM 323sq/KTVBALLS-
08J-057F-16AM ehvk/311sq(TD)---
08J-008F-16AM ehvk/311sq(FC)FLAME/FIST21-
08J-011F-16AM ehvk/312sq(FC)FLAME/FIST21-
08..-0391/SPF-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSHARLEY01-040900-0935LT
08..-0080/SPF-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSHARLEY01-040900-0935LT
0891-0417/SPF-16CJ-50CF 23rdFSHARLEY01-040900-0935LT
0891-0418/SPF-16CJ-50CF 23rdFSHARLEY01-040900-0935LT
07D-667CH-47D 298sqD...--
073xF-16AM/BM ehvk/311sqSTING21-23-
074x/SPF-16C/D 22ndFSBLADE010900-0938LT
07R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by
07R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01--
07ES-TLEL39E(EOV) SkylineAV LION39A,BFly-by
07ES-YLZL39C SkylineAVLION39A,BFly-by
06G-ISSUEC-155B1 BristowBRISTOW..Crossing range
06S-400AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT66--
06J-877F-16AM 322sq(TD)COBRA1,2--
06J-064F-16BM 322sq(TD)COBRA1,2--
06R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by


29.x Tornado IDS AG51ROCKET--
17U-05 Fokker50 334sqNAF50Crossing the range via the "Dike"
17J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq FLAME21--
164x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq COBRA1-4--
09J-877 F-16AM 322sq/td ...2x BDU33(mk.76)
09J-876 F-16AM 322sq/td ...2x BDU33(MK.76)
09J-362 F-16AM 323sq/td ...2x BDU33(MK.76)
042x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BULLET21,22--
012x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BULLET21,22--
023x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER15-17Seperate Arr. and Dep.
024x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11-14Seperate Arr. and Dep.
01J-192 F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BULLET21--
01J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BULLET22--
01.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19--


28N321 Hunter T.8C D.H.H.FHUNTER22Local flight
271x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BEAST1--
27R-02 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02Stand-by
262x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER311345LT
264x F-16AM/BM 349smMACE81-841320LT
26.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER31--
26.x F-16AM/BM 349smMACE71--
252x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq COBRA1,2After range inb Marnewaard
18.x F-16AM/BM 349sm/10W MACE81--
18.x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BULLET21--
072x Tornado IDS JBG-31NO-10A,B--
07PH-CGC DO228-212 Coastguard NCG01Crossing range, east to north
07.x F-16AM/BM 2WingBAF241Medium level, due to birds
07R-01 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by
06D-664 CH-47D 298sqGHOSTflgt--
06D-666 CH-47D 298sqGHOSTflgt--
06S-419 AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE1--
06S-453 AS532U2 300sqJUNGLE2--
062x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER32--
062x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER31After range inb.Marnewaard
06R-01 AB-412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Stand-by


29J-204 F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq(B) POLLY22--
29J-881 F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq(B) POLLY21--
29G-275 C-130H-30 336sqNAF35Fly-by Tower
29N321 Hunter T.8C D.H.H.FHUNTER22--
28J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq(B) POLLY22--
28J-204 F-16AM ehlw/323sq(B) POLLY21--
28PH-WAA Reims F172L PrivatePHWAAFly-by on request Tower (Django)
2838*31 F-4F JG-71LASERFly-by on request Tower (Django)
28G-275 C-130H-30 336sqNAF35Fly-by on request Tower (Django)
27S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT12Evening
26S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT33Evening
25J-202 F-16AM ehlw/323sq POLLY22--
25J-210 F-16BM ehlw/323sq(B) POLLY21--
20J-142 F-16AM ehvk/312sq BURST21Evening
20J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST22Evening
192x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq BLADE21,22Cancel due weather overcast 500ft
192x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq WARP21,22--
192x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST21,22--
19R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02--
182x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq CRACK21,22Evening
182x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST21,22Evening
182x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq FIST1,2Evening
182x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq SNAKE1,2--
182x F-16AM/BM OCSBASIC41--
141x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq M1811--
141x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq M1812--
123x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BEAST21-23--
12S-438 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT70With underslung load from LWD
113x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq KILLER21-23Evening
113x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq POLLY21-23Evening
11R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET02Evening
113x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq SLAMMER1-3Evening, 2214LT Rtb LWD
112x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq NASTY1,2Evening, 2126LT "N2" Rtb over G (6.0)
112x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq STING21,22Evening
11J-648 F-16AM ehlw/322sq BEAST21Evening
11J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BEAST22Evening
114x F-16AM/BM 350smMATRIX71-74--
112x F-16AM/BM 350smMATRIX61,62--
084x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11-14--
08J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST22After range RTB EBBL
08J-368 F-16BM ehvk/312sq(B) BURST21After range RTB EHVK
06J-146 F-16AM ehvk/312sq ----


30S-419 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT24--
29.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER14--
282x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq NASTY1,2--
25J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq SHARK--
23.x Tornado IDS JBG33BU11A--
22J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq NASTY22Evening
22J-879? F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq NASTY21Evening
222x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BLADE21,22Evening
222x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq COBRA21,221800LT
22J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BEAST23Evening
22J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq BEAST22Evening
22J-877 F-16AM ehlw/322sq(B) BEAST21Evening
22.x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq KILLER1,2Evening After range inb."NAF41" T-235
22J-... F-16AM 323sqBALLS211415LT Photoshoot range inb Texel
22.x F-16AM/BM 349sm/10W MACE81--
22S-4.. AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT75--
224x Tornado IDS JBG33BU11A-D--
182x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER21,22--
16J-368 F-16BM ehvk/312sq BURST222050LT
10J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq POLLY--
102x F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq METAL1,2--
101x Mirage F1CR ER01.033FAF7821Lowangle strafe 70 Bullets
101x Mirage F1CR ER01.033FAF7822Lowangle strafe 70 bullets
10R-03 AB412SP 303sqGANNET03--
102x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq KILLER1,2--
02J-636 F-16AM ehvk/312sq BONZO22--
02J-368 F-16BM ehvk/312sq BONZO21--


Movements Oktober Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango, J.Kraaijveld, Otto, C.Verheijen, questa, Falcon208.
Movements September Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements August Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements July Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements June Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements May Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements April Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements March Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements February Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.
Movements January Credits: P.R.Kroese, CornfieldDjango.

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