Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4D

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Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4D 2010

*=Overshoot/low approuch, A/Arr=Arrival, (B)=Badge, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, H-Hands= holding hands, FS=Fullstop, P/L=Precaution landing, RON=Remain over night, TDY=Temporary duty, T/GO= touch and go,

*** The badges on the tail do not always mean an F-16 is flying for the Squadron involved.***
Airbase=eh../Squadron=...sq/(B)=Badge on tail


21.12.2010J-628F-16AM 322sqPOLLY31546-1610LT working T472/EH-R4 area
21.12.2010J-873F-16AM 322sqPOLLY21546-1610LT working T472/EH-R4 area
21.12.2010J-516F-16AM 322sq/323tdPOLLY11546-1555LT working T472/EH-R4 Hung-up LGTR
21.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqSLAMMER21455-1505LT Combat laser->TMA-A
21.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqSLAMMER11455-1505LT 1 LGTR Strike target->TMA-A
15.12.20102xF-16AM 322sqNASTY1,21350LT working T472 and EH-R4 area
15.12.20104.+..Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE13B1200-1220LT
15.12.20104.+..Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE131050-1120LT
15.12.2010R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by Eastpoint
14.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 313sqMETAL1,21930-1940LT
14.12.20102xF-16AM 322sqNASTY1,21325LT working T480 and EH-R4 area
14.12.20102xF-16AM 322sqPOLLY1,21340LT working T473 and EH-R4 area
14.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA21025-1035LT
14.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA11025-1035LT
14.12.2010R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by Eastpoint
13.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqBURST11525-1600LT
13.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqPOLLY1,2,3,41245-1330LT
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 323sqVOODOO12020-2030LT ->Delta's T472
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA21935-2005LT 1xLGTR->Delta's T480
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA11935-2005LT 2xLGTR->Delta's T480
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqBLADE21650-1715LT 2xLGTR
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqBLADE11650-1715LT 2xLGTR
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqSLAMMER21610-1625LT 2xLGTR->Delta's T480
09.12.2010J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqSLAMMER11610-1625LT 2xLGTR->Delta's T480
09.12.2010R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET021645-1715LT Trainingflight
09.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER121035-1130LT
09.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER111035-1130LT
08.12.20101xTornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL871500-1530LT
08.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER161420-1455LT
08.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER151420-1455LT
06.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE861535-1545LT
06.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE851535-1545LT
06.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER121215-1310LT
06.12.2010Fx-xxxF-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER111215-1310LT
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
30.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqNASTY21-LT Hung up LGTR st.3
30.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqNASTY11-LT
29.11.2010R-02F-16AM 303sq/SARGANNET022125-2135LT Nightflying ->Tersch.->Lwd
25.11.20104.+..Tornado IDS AG51VIKING21405-1445LT
25.11.20104.+..Tornado IDS AG51VIKING11405-1445LT
24.11.20104.+..Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE11B1000-1035LT
24.11.20104.+..Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE11A1000-1035LT
23.11.2010R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET021935LT nightflying EastPoint->Tersch.->
23.11.2010J-018F-16AM 313sq/313tdMETAL21920-2000LT o.a 30'&45' Harp->Tanker "QUID68"
23.11.2010J-508F-16AM 313sqMETAL11920-2000LT 4x BDU33, o.a 30'&45' Harp->Tanker
23.11.2010F.-...F-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE811430-1450LT
23.11.2010F.-...F-16AM/BM 10WBAF2111030-1100LT
22.11.2010FA-95F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER261400-1430LT
22.11.2010FA-104F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER251400-1430LT
18.11.2010J-209F-16BM 312sqBEAVER012105-2110LT--> Delta's T472
18.11.2010FA-95F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER391400-1430LT
18.11.2010113-..Rafale C EC01.007FAF7401B1150-1200LT WX not good--> inb EHEH
18.11.2010113-..Rafale C EC01.007FAF7401A1150-1200LT WX not good--> inb EHEH
18.11.2010F.-..F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER121100-1125LT o.a Rdr Loft/Lay
18.11.2010F.-..F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER111100-1125LT o.a Rdr Loft/Lay
18.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWROAR621045-1050LT 1 dry pass
18.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWROAR611045-1050LT 1 dry pass
18.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWMUGGER821030LT WX not good-->Delta's
18.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWMUGGER811030LT WX not good--> Delta's
16.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqPOLLY11445-1450LT
17.11.20101xTornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL871125-1145LT
17.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWRUMBLE641030-1100LT
17.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWRUMBLE631030-1100LT
17.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWRUMBLE621030-1100LT
17.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWRUMBLE611030-1100LT
16.11.20101xTornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL411625-1640LT
16.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqSLAMMER21615-1620LT
16.11.2010J-876F-16AM 322sqSLAMMER11615-1620LT
16.11.20102x 4.+..Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1,21450-1515LT
16.11.20101xTornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL411210-1225LT
16.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWJAVA331110-1130LT
16.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWJAVA321110-1130LT
16.11.2010..-..../LNF-15E 494thFS/48FWJAVA311110-1130LT
16.11.2010R-02AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Stand-by Eastpoint
15.11.20102xF-16AM 322sqBLADE1,2LT
15.11.2010..-..../SPA-10A 81stFS/52FWINDY020925-1000LT
15.11.2010..-..../SPA-10A 81stFS/52FWINDY010925-1000LT
10.11.2010J-873F-16AM 323sqKILLER21625-1730LT o.a 30,40'Harp
10.11.2010J-066F-16BM 323sq/KTVKILLER11625-1730LT o.a 30,40'Harp
10.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 313sqANVIL41500-1530LT
10.11.2010J-014F-16AM 313sq/313tdANVIL31500-1530LT
10.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 313sqANVIL21500-1530LT
10.11.2010J-196F-16AM 313sq/313tdANVIL11500-1530LT
08.11.2010FA-82F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER111030-1055LT
08.11.201081-0956/SPA-10C 81stFS/52FWSTICK021000-1020LT Recon flight
08.11.201081-0963/SPA-10A 81stFS/52FWSTICK011000-1020LT Recon flight
05.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE10950LT WX check for Laser spot work
05.11.2010R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by Eastpoint
04.11.2010R-01F-16AM 303sq/SARGANNET01Stand-by Eastpoint
03.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 313sqMETAL21945-2035LT o.a 30'HA Relaes, BDU's
03.11.2010J-002F-16AM 313sqMETAL11945-2035LT o.a 30'HA Relaes, no BDU's
03.11.2010J-646F-16AM 313sq/312tdANGEL11925-1935LT WX not good for Laser work, RTB
03.11.2010J-055F-16AM 313sq/csMETAL31530-1615LT
03.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 313sqMETAL21530-1615LT
03.11.2010J-646F-16AM 313sq/312tdMETAL11530-1615LT
03.11.20103x J-xxxF-16AM/BM 322sqPOLLY1,2,31000-1035LT
02.11.2010R-02F-16AM 303sq/SARGANNET022100-2105LT Nightflying -Tersch.-Amel.-Lwd
02.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBURST21910-1945LT o.a Rdr Lay, Loft Hot & Dry
02.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBURST11910-1945LT o.a Rdr Lay, Loft Hot & Dry
01.11.2010J-196F-16AM 312sq/313tdFIST41530-1620LT
01.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 312sqFIST31530-1620LT
01.11.2010J-xxxF-16AM 312sqFIST21530-1620LT
01.11.2010J-014F-16AM 312sq/313tdFIST11530-1620LT
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
29.10.10J-014F-16AM 312sq/313tdBURST21055-1135LT o.a Rdr Loft, Lay
29.10.10J-008F-16AM 312sq/nbBURST11055-1135LT o.a Rdr Loft, Lay
29.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Standby Eastpoint
26.10.10J-016F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL41525-1605LT
26.10.10J-136F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL31525-1605LT
26.10.10J-638F-16AM 313sq/311fcMETAL21525-1605LT
26.10.10J-635F-16AM 313sqMETAL11525-1605LT
26.10.10(FA-135)F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE721400-1425LT
26.10.10(FA-110)F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE711400-1425LT
25.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 313sqMETAL32005-2100LT o.a 30/45'Harp, H.A Strafe
25.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 313sqMETAL22005-2100LT o.a 30/45'Harp, H.A Strafe
25.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 313sqMETAL12005-2100LT o.a 30/45'Harp, H.A Strafe
25.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBURST21930-2010LT o.a 10/30'Harp, H.A Strafe
25.10.10J-136F-16AM 312sq/312fcBURST11930-2010LT o.a 10/30'Harp, H.A Strafe
25.10.103xF-16AM 312sq/312fcFIST2-41535-1605LT
25.10.10J-016F-16AM 312sqFIST11535-1605LT
25.10.10FA-95F-16AM/BM 350sm/10WMATRIX531105-1130LT 2xBDU50 200x 20mm
25.10.10FA-68/FSF-16AM 350sm/2WMATRIX521105-1130LT 2xBDU50 200x 20mm
25.10.10F.-...F-16AM/BM 350sm/2WMATRIX511105-1130LT 2xBDU50 200x 20mm
25.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Standby Eastpoint
22.10.10J-016F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL40955-1030LT 4x MK.76
22.10.10J-062F-16AM 313sq/322tdMETAL30955-1030LT 4x MK.76
22.10.10J-638F-16AM 313sq/311fcMETAL20955-1030LT 4x MK.76
22.10.10J-008F-16AM 313sq/nbMETAL10955-1030LT 4x MK.76
22.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Standby Eastpoint
22.10.10J-016F-16AM 311sq/312fcSTING41000-1045LT MK.84 inert
21.10.10J-637F-16AM 311sq/312tdSTING31000-1045LT MK.84 inert
21.10.10J-638F-16AM 311sq/311fcSTING21000-1045LT MK.82 inert
21.10.10J-136F-16AM 311sq/312fcSTING11000-1045LT 4x MK.76
20.10.10J-144F-16AM 323sqKILLER22010-2100LT 4x BDU33
20.10.10J-144F-16AM 323sqKILLER22145-2205LT 2x BDU33
20.10.10J-876F-16AM 323sqKILLER12010-2100LT 4x BDU33
20.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE41610-1700LT 4x BDU33 + hot gun
20.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE21610-1700LT 4x BDU33 + hot gun
20.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE11610-1700LT 4x BDU33 + hot gun
20.10.10J-210F-16BM 322sqBLADE41425-1525LT
20.10.10J-876F-16AM 322sq/322tdBLADE21425-1525LT
20.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE11425-1525LT
20.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Medevac Tersch.->UMCG
20.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Standby Eastpoint
20.10.10J-136F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL41000-1030LT 4x MK.76
20.10.10J-641F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL31000-1030LT 4x MK.76
20.10.10J-016F-16AM 313sq/312fcMETAL21000-1030LT 2x MK.84 inerts
20.10.10J-637F-16AM 313sq/312tdMETAL11000-1030LT 2x MK.84 inerts
19.10.10J-210F-16BM 323sq/tdBLADE22134-2139LT WX still not good->Tma-A
19.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE12134-2139LT WX still not good->Tma-A
19.10.10J-210F-16BM 323sq/tdBLADE22048-2055LT WX not good, back at 30min
19.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 322sqBLADE12048-2055LT WX not good, back at 30min
19.10.10N-164/164NH90-NFH 7sq/DHCWINDMILL041840LT & 1925LT X Dyke inb Ehlw/Ehkd
19.10.102xF-16AM 322sqPOLLY1,21600-1645LT
19.10.10(J-015)F-16AM 322sqVOODOO21430-1520LT
19.10.10(J-144)F-16AM 322sqVOODOO11430-1520LT
19.10.10J-641F-16AM 313sq/312fcSHARK21030LT
19.10.10J-055F-16AM 313sq/csSHARK11030LT
18.10.10R-01AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 4500e Rescue/Medevac 1955Lt
18.10.10FA-104F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER191100-1135LT
18.10.10J-055F-16AM 313sq/csMETAL41025-1100LT
18.10.10J-642F-16AM 313sqMETAL31025-1100LT
18.10.10J-638F-16AM 313sqMETAL21025-1100LT
18.10.10J-866F-16AM 313sq/311fcMETAL11025-1100LT
15.10.10R-03AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Medevac 1910-1925LT Vlieland-->MCL
15.10.10F.-...F-16AM/BM 10WMACE711055LT
15.10.10R-03AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Standby eastpoint Vlieland-->MCL
14.10.10634/112-CKMirage F1CR ER02.033FAF7830B1205-1245LT
14.10.10640/112-NVMirage F1CR ER02.033FAF7830A1205-1245LT
14.10.102xF-16AM 10WMACE81,821310-1325LT
12.10.10616/112-NXMirage F1CR ER02.033FAF7830B1205-1245LT
12.10.10634/112-CKMirage F1CR ER02.033FAF7830A1205-1245LT
12.10.104.+.Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE12B1000-1045LT
12.10.104.+.Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE12A1000-1045LT
11.10.10J-866F-16AM 311sq/fcKING08 1x MK.82 Inert NTM2010
11.10.10J-009F-16AM 313sq/tdKING07 1x MK.82 Inert NTM2010
11.10.10J-008F-16AM 31.sq/nbKING06 1x MK.82 Inert NTM2010
11.10.10J-514F-16AM 313sq/tdKING05 1x MK.82 Inert NTM2010
09.10.10FB-18F-16BM 10WMACE71 After range work to LWD support Fwit2010
04.10.104.+.Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE241555-1620LT
01.10.10J-xxxF-16AM 312sqFIST11115LT
01.10.10FA-114F-16AM 350sm/2WMATRIX621115LT Rtb Florennes
01.10.10FB-22F-16BM 350sm/2WMATRIX611115LT to Leeuwarden support FWIT2010
01.10.10J-646F-16AM 311sq/312STING21030-1050LT
01.10.10J-638F-16AM 311sq/311fcSTING11030-1050LT 1 MK.82
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
30.09.102.. SH-14D Marheli/DHCNAVY09 1550LT Crossing range aerea inb. De Kooy
30.09.102x F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE71,72 1110-1115LT "S1" & "S3" dry all day
28.09.104x F-16AM 312sqSHARK1,2,3,4 1420LT "S1" & "S3" dry all day
28.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland + Medevac
28.09.10J-014 F-16AM 312sq/313tdSHARK4 1110-1135LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
28.09.10J-866 F-16AM 312sq/311fcSHARK3 1110-1135LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
28.09.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/312fcSHARK2 1110-1125LT Live MK82, Escorting "S1" Lwd
28.09.10J-514 F-16AM 312sq/313tdSHARK1 1110-1125LT Live MK82, birdhit E/L Lwd
27.09.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE11 1555-1605LT
27.09.10(46+22) Tornado IDS AG51EAGLE22 1520-1550LT
27.09.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51EAGLE21 1520-1555LT
27.09.10J-014 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK2 1100-1110LT o.a 2x MK106
27.09.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcSHARK1 1100-1110LT
23.09.10(J-876) F-16AM 322sq/tdANVIL2 1425-1455LT JTaC "WINDMILL"
23.09.10(J-637) F-16AM 312sq/tdANVIL1 1425-1455LT JTaC "WINDMILL"
23.09.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sq/fcFLASH2 1040-1130LT JTaC "WINDMILL"
23.09.10(J-016) F-16AM 312sq/fcFLASH1 1040-1130LT JTaC "WINDMILL"
22.09.10J-641 F-16AM 312sq/fcSTING2 1100-1110LT Birdhit -> E/L Lwd
22.09.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcSTING1 1100-1110LT Escorting "STING2" Lwd
22.09.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1 1000-1030LT
21.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitKING1,2 1515-1625LT
21.09.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING34,36 1430-1505LT o.a. Strafing on the panel
21.09.10FA-81 F-16AM 10WTIGER12 1345-1415LT
21.09.10FA-132 F-16AM 10WTIGER11 1345-1415LT
21.09.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Medevac Tersch-->MCL
20.09.10FA-81 F-16AM 10WTIGER11 1350-1415LT
17.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitEVIL1,2 1110-1125LT
17.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 1100-1110LT
15.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitKING1,2 Slot 1500-1530LT
15.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 1430-1500LT
15.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitKILLER1,2 1145LT
15.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitANGEL1,2 Slot 1100-1145LT
15.09.10XA211 Lynx AH7 1e Regiment AACAAC121 0945LT Gunnery Practise, Fuelstop De Kooy
15.09.10XA643 Lynx AH7 1e Regiment AACAAC121 0945LT Gunnery Practise, Fuelstop De Kooy
15.09.10XA653 Lynx AH7 1e Regiment AACAAC121 0945LT Gunnery Practise, Fuelstop De Kooy
14.09.10S-458 AS532U2 300sqDEMON2 Gunnery Practise, Fuelstop De Kooy
14.09.10S-419 AS532U2 300sqDEMON1 Gunnery Practise, Fuelstop De Kooy
13.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFANG1,2 Slot 1100-1130LT
13.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 1000-1100LT
13.09.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
10.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitANGEL1,2 Slot 1130-1200LT 300rounds 20mm
10.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFANG1,2 1045-1125LT Both 4xBDU33, 20mm rounds
10.09.102x F-16AM/BM Fwit....1,2 1000-1045LT
10.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
10.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 Slot 0900-1000LT
10.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 0830-0900LT
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 1200-1300LT
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFANG1,2 Slot 1030-1100LT
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitKING1,2 Slot 1000-1030LT
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 Slot 0930-1000LT
09.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitEVIL1,2 Slot 0830-0930LT
09.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 0800-0830LT
08.09.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1,2 1630-1655LT
08.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 Slot 0930-1000LT
08.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
08.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitEVIL1,2 Slot 0900-0930LT
08.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFANG1,2 Slot 0830-0900LT
08.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 Slot 0830-0900LT
08.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFALCON1,2 Slot 0800-0830LT
07.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2 1235LT
07.09.10XZ643 Lynx AH7 1e Regiment AACAAC145 Fuelstop De Kooy
07.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitFANG1,2 1100-1120LT Low drag 10',HD 5'+strafe
07.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
07.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 0925LT
06.09.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
06.09.101x F-16AM/BM FwitEVIL2 1450LT
06.09.10(FA-98) F-16AM 2W/FwitEVIL1 1450LT
06.09.102x F-16AM FwitVIPER1,2 1440-14500LT Combat laser + Dry strafe
06.09.101x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER2 1210-1220LT
06.09.10(J-635) F-16AM 312sqfc//FwitVIPER1 1210-1220LT
06.09.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sq/FwitEVIL2 1155-1210LT Combat Laser + Strafe
06.09.101x F-16AM/BM FLO/FwitEVIL1 1155-1210LT Combat Laser + Strafe
06.09.101x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER2 1115LT Combat Laser+Dry Strafe on Tanks
06.09.10(J-635) F-16AM 312sq/fc/FwitVIPER1 1115LT Combat Laser+Dry Strafe on Tanks
06.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 1100-1115LT Combat Laser + Strafe
03.09.104x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2,3,4 1115-1215LT
03.09.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdFLAME2 1000-1030LT Escorting "FLAME1" to Lwd
03.09.10J-014 F-16AM 313sq/tdFLAME1 1000-1030LT Hung up MK76 to Lwd P/L
03.09.104.+.. Tornado AG51VIKING1 0930-0955LT
03.09.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
02.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 1530-1615LT
02.09.104x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2,3,4 1430-1530LT
02.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL1,2 1200-1255LT
02.09.104x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2,3,4 1110-1200LT
02.09.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdMETAL2 1025-1100LT
02.09.10J-014 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL1 1025-1100LT
02.09.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
02.09.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
01.09.10(FA-98) F-16AM Fwit/2WDEVIL2 1525LT
01.09.10(J-011) F-16AM Fwit/312sqDEVIL1 1525LT
01.09.104x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2,3,4 1425-1525LT All 4x BDU33, 100Rnds 20mm
01.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitIVAN1 1425LT
01.09.102x F-16AM/BM FwitDEVIL2 1205LT Hot gun, 2x BDU33
01.09.10(J-011) F-16AM Fwit/312sqDEVIL1 1205LT Cold gun, 4x BDU33
01.09.10(FA-103) F-16AM Fwit/10WVIPER4 1100-1200LT
01.09.103x F-16AM/BM FwitVIPER1,2,3 1100-1200LT
01.09.1030+.. EF2000 Typhoon 31e JaBoGRANGER2 0925-0955LT
01.09.1030+.. EF2000 Typhoon 31e JaBoGRANGER1 0925-0955LT
01.09.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
31.08.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1630-xxxxLT eastpoint Vlieland
31.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sqSLAMMER1,2,3,4 1120-1120LT
31.08.10J-055 F-16AM 311sq/nbSHARK2 1030LT
31.08.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 1030LT
31.08.1030+12 EF2000 Typhoon 31e JaBoG RANGER2 0925-1000LT
31.08.1030+09 EF2000 Typhoon 31e JaBoG RANGER1 0925-1000LT
31.08.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
30.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 1615-1815LT Vlieland local flight
30.08.102x F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL1,2 1350-1425LT
30.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdBULLET3 1100LT Hung up MK84 ->P/L Lwd
30.08.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/tdBULLET2 1100LT escorting "BULLET3"-->lwd
30.08.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/fcBULLET1 1100LT escorting "BULLET3"-->lwd
30.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
27.08.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/tdSTING2 1130LT
27.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdSTING1 1130LT
27.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
26.08.10F.-... F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER29 1330-1340LT
26.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
25.08.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE22A,B 1625-1655LT
25.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqSTING4 1000-1100LT
25.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqSTING3 1000-1100LT
25.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqSTING2 1000-1100LT
25.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sq/fcSTING1 1000-1100LT
25.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland + Medevac
24.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL4 1000-1100LT Drop. 4x MK82 inerts 30'Harp
24.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL3 1000-1100LT Drop. 3x MK82 inerts 30'Harp
24.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL2 1000-1100LT Drop. 1x MK82 inerts 30'Harp
24.08.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1 1000-1100LT Drop. 6x MK82 inerts 30'Harp
24.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
23.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK4 1045-1145LT
23.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK3 1045-1145LT
23.08.10J-508 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK2 1045-1145LT
23.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 1045-1145LT
23.08.10(FA-128) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER22 0925-1000LT
23.08.10(FA-124) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER21 0925-0945LT
23.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
20.08.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1,2 0925-1000LT
20.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
19.08.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE21A,B 1600-1630LT
19.08.102x F-16AM 312sqFIST1,2 1500LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME1 1420-1520LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME1 1420-1520LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdBLADE2 1300-1355LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdBLADE1 1300-11355LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdARCHER2 1005-1115LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdARCHER1 1005-1115LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER2 0955-1010LT
19.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1 0955-1010LT
19.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
18.08.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE..A 1610-1620LT
18.08.102x F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1450LT
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdBLADE1,2 1345-1425LT
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdSLAMMER2 1325-1350LT BDU33
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdSLAMMER1 1325-1350LT 1 LGTR
18.08.10.x F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1100-1200LT carry 2x MK106, 2x MK76
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER2 1005-1055LT
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1 1005-1055LT
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdARCHER2 0930-1030LT
18.08.10J-xxx F-16AM 322/3sq/tdARCHER1 0930-1030LT
17.08.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE21B,C 1600-1650LT
17.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby eastpoint Vlieland
13.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 0950-1100LT
13.08.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE11A,B 0925-0955LT
12.08.10J-055 F-16AM 313sq/nbMETAL4 1100LT
12.08.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL3 1100LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
12.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 1100LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
12.08.10J-630 F-16AM Spec. Badge METAL1 1100LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
12.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 0950-1100LT
11.08.10.x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1,2 1530-1600LT
11.08.104x F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK1,2,3,4 1430LT
11.08.102x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdBLADE1,2 1300LT
11.08.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL4 1125-1230LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
11.08.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL3 1125-1230LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
11.08.10J-008 F-16AM 312sq/nbMETAL2 1125-1230LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
11.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL1 1125-1230LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
11.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 1000LT
10.08.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL4 1430LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
10.08.10J-136 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL3 1430LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
10.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL3 1430LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
10.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdMETAL1 1430LT 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
10.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK2 -
10.08.10J-635 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK3 -
10.08.10J-008 F-16AM 312sq/nbSHARK2 Hung up MK76--> P/L Lwd
10.08.10J-866 F-16AM 311sq/fcSHARK1 escorting "SHARK2" to Lwd for P/L
10.08.10R-0. AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET0. 1100LT SAR Northsea nr Ameland
09.08.104x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1,2,3,4 1510-1600LT
09.08.104x F-16AM 312sqSHARK1,2,3,4 1425-1510LT
09.08.102x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdBLADE1,2 1300-1400LT
09.08.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdMETAL4 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
09.08.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/fcMETAL3 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
09.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL3 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
09.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1 4x BDU33 (4xMK76)
09.08.10J-009 F-16AM 312sq/tdBEAVER4 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
09.08.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcBEAVER3 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
09.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdBEAVER2 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
09.08.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdBEAVER1 4x BDU33 (4xMK76
09.08.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 1100LT Rescue from Northsea-->Vlieland EP
09.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 1000-1100LT
05.08.10J-196 F-16AM 311sq/tdTIGER4 1215LT
06.08.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdTIGER3 1215LT
06.08.10J-635 F-16AM 312sq/fcTIGER2 1215LT 4x mk76
06.08.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdTIGER1 1215LT 4x mk76
06.08.10J-057 F-16AM 311sq/tdSHARK4 1100LT
06.08.10J-637 F-16AM 31sq/tdSHARK3 1100LT
06.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK2 1100LT
06.08.10J-641 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 1100LT
06.08.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE11A,B 0930-1000LT
06.08.10R-0. AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET0. Stand-by eastpoint Vlieland
05.08.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/tdSHARK4 1510-1610LT 4x mk76
05.08.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK3 1510-1610LT 4x mk76
05.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK2 1510-1610LT 4x mk76
05.08.10J-514 F-16AM 31.sq/tdSHARK1 1510-1610LT
05.08.10J-057 F-16AM 311sq/tdTIGER4 1425-1510LT
05.08.10J-196 F-16AM 311sq/tdTIGER3 1425-1510LT
05.08.10J-866 F-16AM 311sq/fcTIGER2 1425-1510LT
05.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcTIGER1 1425-1510LT
05.08.102x F-16AM 322/3sqARCHER1,2 1300-1410LT
05.08.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/tdSHARK4 1220LT rtb
05.08.10J-641 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK3 1220LT rtb
05.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK2 1220LT rtb
05.08.10J-514 F-16AM 31.sq/tdSHARK1 1220LT rtb
05.08.10J-866 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL4 1100LT
05.08.10J-057 F-16AM 311sq/tdMETAL3 1100LT
05.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 1100LT
05.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1 1100LT
05.08.104x F-16AM/BM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 1000-1050LT
05.08.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE12A,B 0930-1000LT
03.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK4 1505LT
03.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK3 1505LT
03.08.10J-001 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK2 1505LT
03.08.10J-630 F-16AM Spec. badge SHARK1 1505LT
03.08.10J-196 F-16AM 313sq/tdANVIL4 1425-1500LT
03.08.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdANVIL3 1425-1500LT
03.08.10J-635 F-16AM 312sq/fcANVIL2 1425-1500LT
03.08.10J-508 F-16AM 313sq/tdANVIL1 1425-1500LT
03.08.102x F-16AM/BM 322/3sqARCHER1,2 1300LT
03.08.10J-630 F-16AM Spec. badge SHARK4 -
03.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK3 1505LT
03.08.10J-001 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK2 -
03.08.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 -
03.08.104x F-16AM/BM 322/3sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 0955-1115LT
03.08.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33e JaBoGGAFE12B 0950LT
02.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdMETAL4 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-866 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL3 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-001 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-508 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL1 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sqKILLER1,2,3,4 1300LT
02.08.10J-630 F-16AM Spec. badge SHARK4 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-508 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK3 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-002 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK2 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.10J-866 F-16AM 311sq/fcSHARK1 4x BDU33 (2xMK76 & 2xMK106)
02.08.104x F-16AM 322/3sq....1,2,3,4 0955LT
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
30.07.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 2WBAF211C 1110-1130LT o.a 5'HA drag, strafe
30.07.10FA-92 F-16AM 2WBAF211A 1110-1130LT o.a 5'HA drag, strafe
30.07.10J-515 F-16AM 311sq/tdFIST1 - 2x BDU33 (MK76)
30.07.10R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01 Standby Eastpoint + Medevac Ters->MCL
29.07.101x Tornado GR4 104 EAWRFR7166 -
29.07.101x Tornado GR4 104 EAWRFR7165 -
28.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE12A,B -
28.07.1045+35 Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE12A,B -
28.07.1046+69 Tornado IDS AG51.... -
28.07.1045+35 Tornado IDS AG51.... -
23.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51.... -
23.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51.... -
20.07.1045+51 Tornado IDS AG51EAGLE1 -
08.07.10314/113HP Rafale B EC01.007FAF7401B First range visit
08.07.10311/113HD Rafale B EC01.007FAF7401A First range visit
06.07.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE32A,B 2045-2115LT
06.07.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE20A,B 1530-1600LT
05.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE32 2020-2030LT
05.07.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE22A,C 1530-1600LT
05.07.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1,2 1450-1530LT
05.07.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by eastpoint
02.07.10J-197 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL1 1055-1135LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
02.07.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL1 1055-1135LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
02.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE14C 1025-1055LT
02.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE14B 1025-1055LT
02.07.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE14A 1025-1055LT
01.07.10PH-MMT EC135P2 Anwb/MAALIFELINER4 Medevac Vlieland-UMCG
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
30.06.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE33A 2125-2150LT
30.06.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE33B 2055-2125LT
29.06.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE33 2055-2140LT
24.06.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE22B 1630-1655LT
24.06.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE21A,B 1530-1550LT
24.06.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Stand-by Eastpoint
24.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 1sm/2WBAF211(4) 1455-1520LT
24.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 1sm/2WBAF211(3) 1455-1520LT
24.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 1sm/2WBAF211(2) 1455-1520LT
24.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 1sm/2WBAF211(1) 1455-1520LT
24.06.10J-197 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL2 1355-1410LT
24.06.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL1 1355-1410LT
24.06.103x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE13A,B,C 1115-1150LT
24.06.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL1,2,4 0930LT
24.06.10J-013 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1,2,4 0930LT
24.06.10J-641 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1,2,4 0930LT
23.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE74 1130-1155LT
23.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE72 1130-1155LT
23.06.10F.-... F-16AM/BM 349sm/10WMACE71 1130-1155LT
22.06.102x 4.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE21A,B 1545-1630LT
21.06.10F.-... F-16AM 31sm10WTIGER17 1615-1620LT
21.06.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Stand-by Eastpoint + Medevac
17.06.10(FA-101) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE74 1550-1620LT
17.06.10(FA-128) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE73 1550-1620LT
17.06.10(FB-18) F-16BM 349sm/10WMACE72 1550-1620LT
17.06.10(FB-17) F-16BM 349sm/10WMACE71 1550-1620LT
17.06.102x F-16AM 322sqBLADE1,2 1435-1530LT
17.06.10133- Mirage200D EC01.003FAF7201B 1325-1340LT
17.06.10133- Mirage200D EC01.003FAF7201A 1325-1340LT
17.06.10G-BEOL Skyvan SC.7 Invicta AVGBEOL Photoplane for RNLAF photoshoot
17.06.10G-KAXF/N294 Hawk.Hunter F.6A D.H.H.F HAWKER1Photoshoot -->dep. to Airshow Gilze-rijen
17.06.10J-513 F-16AM Demo spare ORANGE22Photoshoot -->dep. to Airshow Gilze-rijen
17.06.10J-015 F-16AM Demo ORANGE21Photoshoot -->dep. to Airshow Gilze-rijen
16.06.10(FA-95) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE72 1630-1700LT
16.06.10(FA-101) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE71 1630-1700LT
16.06.10F.-.. F-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER21 1600-1630LT
16.06.10F.-.. F-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER19 1200-1230LT
16.06.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by Eastpoint + Medevac
15.06.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 2225LT exercise range/northsea
15.06.102x F-16AM 10WMACE61,62 1615-1645LT
15.06.10J-624 F-16AM 322sq/tdBLADE2 1440-1535LT
15.06.10J-201 F-16AM 323sq/tdBLADE1 1440-1535LT
15.06.10(FA-126) F-16AM 2WBAF211D 0955-1100LT
15.06.10(FA-92) F-16AM 2WBAF211C 0955-1100LT
15.06.10(FA-...) F-16AM 2WBAF211A,B 0955-1100LT
15.06.10(FA-57) F-16AM 2WBAF211A,B 0955-1100LT
15.06.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by Eastpoint
14.06.102x F-16AM 10WMACE61,62 1615-1645LT
14.06.10(FA-92) F-16AM 350sm/2WMATRIX53 1545-1615LT
14.06.10(FA-84) F-16AM 350sm/2WMATRIX52 1545-1615LT
14.06.10(FA-104) F-16AM 350sm/2WMATRIX51 1545-1615LT
14.06.10J-624 F-16AM 322sq/tdBLADE2 1445-1545LT
14.06.10J-201 F-16AM 323sq/tdBLADE1 1445-1545LT
14.06.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdMETAL2 1410-1440LT
14.06.10J-197 F-16AM 311sq/fcMETAL1 1410-1440LT
14.06.10FA-102 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER32 1320-1340LT
14.06.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Stand-by Eastpoint
11.06.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 2240LT Medevac Vlieland-->MCL
02.06.10.x Mirage2000 EC01/012FAF7602 1230-1300LT
02.06.10.x Tornado IDS 3.JaBoGGAF.... 1030LT
01.06.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 2340LT
01.06.10D-666 CH-47D 300sqGRIZZLY1,2 2230-2310LT Night shooting
01.06.10D-661 CH-47D 300sqGRIZZLY1,2 2230-2310LT Night shooting
01.06.102.. SH-14D Marheli/DHC RESCUEPEDRO02 2015LT X range area
01.06.10S-454 AS532U2 300sqDEMON4 1950LT Night shooting
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
31.05.10D-666 CH-47D 300sqGRIZZLY1,2 2300-2350LT Night shooting
31.05.10D-661 CH-47D 300sqGRIZZLY1,2 2300-2350LT Night shooting
31.05.10S-454 AS532U2 300sqDEMON2 1955-2040LT Night shooting
31.05.102x F-16AM 312sqFIST1,2 1430-1510LT
27.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE22A 1600LT
27.05.10PH-PXY AW139 KLPD/DLvPNCG04 Crossing range area
27.05.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK1 .
27.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 3.eJaBoGGAF... .
27.05.10J-015 F-16AM Demo ORANGE Flyby inb Lwd
27.05.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint
26.05.10J-018 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 .
26.05.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1 .
26.05.10J-624 F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER1 .
26.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 3.eJaBoGGAF.. .
25.05.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARRescueGANNET02 Medevac 20Km Vlieland-> UMCG
25.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 3.eJaBoGGAF..B 1530-1605LT
19.05.10J-616 F-16AM 323sq/tdMETAL2 1130-1200LT
19.05.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1 1130-1200LT
19.05.10J-203 F-16AM 323sq/tdBLADE1 Flyby --> inb Volkel
19.05.10J-015 F-16AM Demo ORANGE Demo training
07.05.10FA-81 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER12 1000-1050LT Rtb via Volkel
07.05.10FA-135 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER11 1000-1050LT
07.05.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint
07.05.10R-0. AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET0. Medevac Vlieland-> MCL
06.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE22B 1600-1630LT
06.05.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE21A,B 1540-1605LT
06.05.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby eastpoint + Medevac
06.05.102x F-16AM/BM OCUBASIC41,42 1100-1130LT
04.05.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE24B,C 1530-1605LT
04.05.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE..A,B 1055-1105LT
04.05.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby eastpoint
03.05.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1935LT Exercise
03.05.104.+.. Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE16 1155-1220LT
03.05.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE15A,B 1050-1130LT
03.05.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE14A,B 1030-1050LT
03.05.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby heliport + Exercise
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
29.04.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE24B 1505-1555LT
29.04.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE24A 1505-1550LT
29.04.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcBULLET2 1400-1430LT
29.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby heliport Eastpoint
28.04.102x Mirage2000C EC01.012FAF7600A,B 1535-1610LT
27.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby heliport Eastpoint
26.04.102x Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE26A,B 1605-1630LT
26.04.102x Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE24A,B 1530-1555LT
26.04.101x F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE75 1500-1530LT
26.04.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE12C 1000-1105LT
26.04.1044+16 Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE12B 1000-1015LT Escorting "GAFE12B" to LWD
26.04.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Scramble birdstrike Tor. AC Oke, Rtb east.
26.04.1044+92 Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE12A 1000-1015LT Birdstrike E/L Lwd
26.04.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby heliport Eastpoint
22.04.10J-146 F-16AM 323sq/tdBURST1 1500-1530LT 2x MK106,2x MK76
21.04.10J-001 F-16AM 312sq/tdBURST1 1115-1135LT 2x MK106,2x MK76
21.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby heliport + Medevac
20.04.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST1 1530-1555LT
20.04.10J-146 F-16AM 323sq/tdBURST1 1130-1150LT
20.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby heliport + Medevac
19.04.10Airspace closed due to vulcanic action Iceland, resulting ashclouds in the airspace
19.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby heliport eastpoint
17.04.10PH-BGB B737-8K2 KLMKL7051 2012LT fl410 Overhead 'Wadden' 119.300
16.04.10Airspace closed due to vulcanic action Iceland, resulting ashclouds in the airspace
15.04.10Airspace closed due to vulcanic action Iceland, resulting ashclouds in the airspace
14.04.102x F-16AM 349sm/2WBASIC51,52 1555-1635LT
13.04.10(FA-71) F-16AM 349sm/2WBAF241B 1555-1625LT
13.04.10(FA-126) F-16AM 349sm/2WBAF241A 1555-1625LT
13.04.10(FA-71) F-16AM 349sm/2WBAF231B 1200-1240LT
13.04.10(FA-126) F-16AM 349sm/2WBAF231A 1200-1240LT
13.04.102x F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1125-1150LT
13.04.10J-146 F-16AM 323sq/tdSTING4 1030-1045LT
13.04.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcSTING3 1030-1045LT 1x LGTR
13.04.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcSTING2 1030-1045LT 1x LGTR
13.04.10J-646 F-16AM 312sq/tdSTING1 1030-1045LT
13.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby + Medevac MCL
12.04.104x F-16AM 323sqKILLER1,2,3,4 1030-1035LT
09.04.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcSHARK1 Hung up BDU33, inb Lwd
09.04.102x Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE19A,B 1030LT
09.04.102x Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE81A,B 1000-1030LT
09.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby Eastpoint
08.04.102x Tornado 3.eJaBoGGAF...A,B 1515-1620LT
08.04.104.+.. Tornado 3.eJaBoGGAF...C 1515-1545LT
08.04.10J-509 F-16AM 322sq/nbBLADE2 1300-1320LT
08.04.10J-202 F-16AM 323sq/tdBLADE1 1300-1320LT
08.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby Eastpoint
07.04.104.+.. Tornado 3.eJaBoGGAF...A 1600-1620LT
07.04.102x F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE91,92 1355LT o.a 45'Harp MPT
07.04.102x F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE81,82 0930LT o.a 45+30'Harp Medium Level
07.04.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Standby Eastpoint
06.04.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE1.A 1600-1620LT
06.04.102x F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE51,52 1400-1430LT o.a 45'Harp MPT
06.04.10J-015 F-16AM Rnlaf DemoORANGE Demo training, nice pictures Urk-rules
06.04.10J-XXX F-16AM 312sqFIST3 1140-1150LT
01.04.10S-459 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT33 Evening shooting
01.04.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1825LT Medevac eastpoint -> Sneek
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
30.03.104.+.. Tornado 31eJaBoGGAFE24 1535-1600LT
30.03.102x Tornado AG51VIKING1,2 1000-1030LT
29.03.104.+.. Tornado GAFGAF..B 1030-1120LT
29.03.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1005LT Standby eastpoint
29.03.102x Tornado GAFGAF..A,B 1000-1010LT
26.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1100-1145LT 2xBDU33(MK76),2x MK106
26.03.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcBURST1,2 1100-1145LT 2xBDU33(MK76),2x MK106
26.03.10(FA-81) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER12 1100LT
26.03.10(FA-135) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER11 1100LT
25.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 1525-1605LT o.a 45', 30'Harp, 30' HAS
25.03.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdBURST1 1525-1535LT P/L Lwd Hung up BDU33 st.3
24.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqKILLER2 1955-2055LT o.a 45', 30'Harp, 30' HAS
24.03.10J-020 F-16AM 323sq/nbKILLER1 1955-2055LT o.a 45', 30'Harp, 30' HAS
23.03.10(FB-17) F-16BM 349sm/10WMACE72 1415-1440LT
23.03.10(FA-124) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE71 1415-1440LT
23.03.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcBURST1,2 1355-1410LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
23.03.10J-646 F-16AM 312sq/tdBURST1,2 1355-1410LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)
23.03.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Medevac 0900LT Vlieland
22.03.102x F-16AM 322sqBLADE1,2 1530-1605LT
22.03.102x F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1430-1450LT After range-->Delta's BB T4..
22.03.10F.-... F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER11 1000-1020LT
18.03.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcSNAKE2 2020-2030LT Strafe runs strk trgt->T479
18.03.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcSNAKE1 2020-2030LT Strafe runs strk trgt->T479
18.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER2 1445-1540LT
18.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER1 1445-1540LT
18.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER4 1425LT Low drag MK76, 30' HAS tanks
18.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqKILLER3 1425LT No bombs, 30' HAS tanks
18.03.10J-632 F-16AM 322sq/tdCOBRA2 1245-1315LT
18.03.10J-513 F-16AM 323sq/tdCOBRA1 1245-1315LT
18.03.10J-210 F-16BM 323sq/tdPOLLY3 1000-1045LT
18.03.10J-632 F-16AM 322sq/tdPOLLY2 1000-1050LT
18.03.10J-881 F-16AM 323sq/tdPOLLY1 1000-1050LT
17.03.10S-459 AS532U2 300sqSABRE2 2045LT Evening exercise with doorgunners
17.03.10D-106 CH-47D 298sqSABRE1 2045LT Evening exercise with doorgunners
17.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 1925-1950LT Rdr Lay, Loft dry & hot
17.03.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcBURST1 1925-1950LT Rdr Lay, Loft dry & hot
17.03.10J-193 F-16AM 323sq/tdORANGE 1130-1200LT Demo practice
16.03.10S-453 AS532U2 300sqSABRE2 Evening exercise with doorgunners
16.03.10D-106 CH-47D 298sqSABRE1 Evening exercise with doorgunners
16.03.10J-369 F-16BM 312sqSKIDO 1920LT
16.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 1655-1700LT 369.200 WX to bad, Rtb EHVK
16.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST1 1655-1700LT 369.200 WX to bad, Rtb EHVK
16.03.10PH-CGC Do228-212 Com.d.Lucht. NCG011805LT X range area inb. De kooy FS
16.03.10J-210 F-16BM 323sqARCHER4 1350-1355LT 1 x over target then Rtb Lwd
16.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqARCHER3 1350-1355LT 1 x over target then Rtb Lwd
16.03.102x F-16AM 322sqBLADE1,2 1020-1050LT Rdr Lay 2 dry & 2 hot
16.03.104.+.. Tornado AG51EAGLE 0930-1000LT 5x 30', 5x 45'
15.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 2020-2035LT 2x BDU33 ML Harp->T480
15.03.10J-646 F-16AM 312sq/tdBURST1 2020-2035LT 2x BDU33, Rdr loft hot->T480
12.03.104.+.. Tornado 3.eJaBoGGAFE03A 1030-1125LT
12.03.104.+.. Tornado 3.eJaBoGGAFE03B 1030-1100LT
11.03.104x F-16AM 311sqFLAME1,2,3,4 1600-1620LT
11.03.104.+.. Tornado AG51VIKING 1455-1515LT
10.03.10H29 A109BA 18MRH/Wingheli AYB723form. 1835LT
10.03.10H23 A109BA 17MRH/Wingheli AYB723form. 1835LT
10.03.10H29 A109BA 18MRH/Wingheli AYB723form. 1430LT
10.03.10H23 A109BA 17MRH/Wingheli AYB723form. 1430LT
10.03.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcSTING1 1555-1625LT
09.03.102x F-16AM 311sqFLAME1,2,3 1555-1635LT
09.03.10J-646 F-16AM 312sq/tdFLAME1 1555-1635LT
09.03.104.+.. Tornado GAF....1 1455-1540LT -->264.325 inb.MC4
08.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 1600-1645LT -->Marnewaard area
08.03.10J-005 F-16AM 311sq/fcBURST1 1600-1645LT 2x MK76-->Tma-A 120.700
05.03.10(FA-70) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER11 0955LT
04.03.10FA-106 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER19 1430-1500LT
04.03.101x F-16AM 322sqPOLLY1 1300-1340LT
04.03.102x Tornado GR4 No.41(R)sq APOLLO41,42 1140-1215LT
04.03.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARSARescuePEDRO04 1112LT Medevac->Dropping medic Tersch.
04.03.10(FA-81) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE71 1100-1130LT 2x B49 (MK82 High drag)
04.03.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING2 1035-1100LT
04.03.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1 1025-1130LT
03.03.10FA-106 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER22 1530-1555LT
03.03.10FA-94 F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER21 1530-1555LT
03.03.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1 1000-1025LT
02.03.1043+63 Tornado IDS 31eJaBoGNO20B 1600-1635LT
02.03.104.+.. Tornado IDS 31eJaBoGNO20A 1600-1635LT
02.03.10FA-87 F-16AM 31sm/10WMACE1,2 1530-1555LT
02.03.10FA-94 F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE1,2 1530-1555LT
02.03.10J-062 F-16AM 322sq/tdBURST1,2,3,4 1430-1515LT 2x BDU33 (MK76)
02.03.10J-008 F-16AM Special Tail BURST1,2,3,4 1430-1515LT 2x BDU33 (MK76)
02.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2,3,4 1430-1515LT
02.03.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2,3,4 1430-1515LT
02.03.102x Tornado GR4 No.41(R)sq APOLLO41,42 1205-1230LT
02.03.10D-667 CH-47D 298sqGRIZZLY40form 1110-1155LT
02.03.10D-101 CH-47D 298sqGRIZZLY40form 1110-1155LT
02.03.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 Rescue exercise waddensea
02.03.104.+.. Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1 1000-1030LT
01.03.102x Tornado IDS AG51VIKING1,2 1000-1025LT
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
25.02.10(J-061) F-16AM 313sq/tdSTING4 2000-2020LT Dry all night-->BB T472
25.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFLASH4 1740-1805LT Rdr Loft,Lay Hot-->BB T473
25.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFLASH1 1745-1805LT Rdr Loft,Lay dry-->BB T473
24.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFIST2 1805-1815LT Rdr Loft Hot-->BB T473
24.02.10(J-643) F-16AM 313sq/tdFIST1 1805-1815LT Rdr Loft Hot-->BB T473
24.02.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE24B 1535-1550LT
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqSTING4 2005LT Dry all day
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqSTING3 2005LT Dry all day
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqSTING2 2005LT Dry all day
23.02.10(J-643) F-16AM 313sq/tdSTING1 2005LT Dry all day
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqSTING4 1835-1905LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqSTING2 1835-1905LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqSTING3 1835-1900LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
23.02.10(J-643) F-16AM 313sq/tdSTING1 1835-1900LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
23.02.10D-667 CH-47D 298sqGRIZZLY20form. 1555LT
23.02.10D-101 CH-47D 298sqGRIZZLY20form. 1555LT
23.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqARCHER2 1325-14..LT
23.02.10J-881 F-16AM 323sq/tdARCHER1 1325-14..LT
22.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqBURST2 1841-1905LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
22.02.10(J-011) F-16AM 312sq/fcBURST1 1841-1905LT Rdr Loft,Lay hot&Dry
18.02.10R-02 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02 1715-1740LT
18.02.102x F-16AM 312sqBURST1,2 1210LT
17.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqARCHER2 1640-1700LT 30'& 45'Harp
17.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqARCHER1 1640-1700LT Hung up BDU33 st.3, 16/2
17.02.10(FA-92) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER12 1600-1630LT
17.02.10(FA-81) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER11 1600-1630LT
17.02.103x F-16AM 2WBAF241 1,2,3 1325-1355LT
17.02.101x Tornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL83 1205-1230LT
16.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqPLAYER2 1745-1845LT Hung up BDU33 station3
16.02.10(J-881) F-16AM 323sq/tdPLAYER1 1745-1845LT 30'45 'Harp CCRP H&D
16.02.102x Tornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL1,2 1230-1245LT
15.02.10(J-020) F-16AM 322sq/tdKILLER4 1745-1850LT 30'45 'Harp CCRP H&D
15.02.10(J-881) F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER3 1745-1850LT 30'45 'Harp CCRP H&D
15.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqKILLER2 1745-1850LT 30'45 'Harp CCRP H&D
15.02.10J-xxx F-16AM 323sqKILLER1 1745-1850LT 30'45 'Harp CCRP H&D
15.02.101x Tornado GR4 No.41(R)sqREBEL41 1630-1655LT
12.02.104x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1,2,3,4 1115-1150LT
12.02.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint
11.02.103x F-16AM 322sq/tdKILLER1,2,3 2100-2205LT o.a 30',45'Harp dry & hot
11.02.10(J-879) F-16AM 322sq/tdPOLLY2 1855-1905LT Combat laser, simulating HAS
11.02.10(J-060) F-16AM 322sq/tdPOLLY1 1855-1905LT Combat laser, simulating HAS
11.02.10(J-144) F-16AM 323sq/tdSLAMMER4 1740-1845LT o.a 30',45'Harp dry & hot
11.02.103x F-16AM 322sq/tdSLAMMER1,2,3 1740-1840LT o.a 30',45'Harp dry & hot
11.02.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 Standby eastpoint
11.02.10(FA-94) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE84 1500-1535LT
11.02.10(Fx-xxx) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE83 1500-1535LT
11.02.10(FA-102) F-16AM 349sm/10WMACE82 1500-1535LT
11.02.10(FB-14) F-16BM 349sm/10WMACE81 1500-1535LT
09.02.10S-457 AS532U2 300sqDEMON2 1955-2008LT Exercise gunner
09.02.10S-458 AS532U2 300sqDEMON1 1955-2008LT oa. firing flare,
09.02.10S-457 AS532U2 300sqDEMON2 1745-1905LT shooting exercise,
09.02.10S-458 AS532U2 300sqDEMON1 1745-1905LT shooting exercise,
09.02.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE25A,B 1540-1600LT
09.02.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE12A 1100-1125LT
07.02.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1710-1720LT Medevac Vlieland-> MCL
06.02.10R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03 1650-1700LT Medevac Vlieland-> MCL
05.02.104x F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER1,2,3,4 1000-1050LT
03.02.104.+.. Tornado 33eJaBoGGAFE25A 1640-1710LT o.a Rdr Loft, Rdr Lay
03.02.10J-513 F-16AM 323sq/tdCOBRA2 1345-14..LT Carry's 2x MK82
03.02.10J-877 F-16AM 322sq/tdCOBRA1 1345-14..LT Dry all day, Sim. GBU12
03.02.10J-632 F-16AM 322sq/tdPOLLY2 1235-1345LT Carry's Only BDU33
03.02.10J-644 F-16AM 322sq/tdPOLLY1 1235-1345LT Carry's MK82
03.02.10J-513 F-16AM 322sq/tdKILLER2 1020-11..LT Carry's 2x MK82
03.02.10J-362 F-16AM 323sq/tdKILLER1 1020-11..LT Carry's 1x MK82
03.02.10J-644 F-16AM 322sq/tdARCHER2 Carry's 2x MK82
03.02.10J-632 F-16AM 322sq/tdARCHER1 Carry's 2x MK82
02.02.102x F-16AM 312sqSHARK1,2 2100-2108LT 30'Harp 2x BDU33
01.02.10TILL 05.02.2010 322/323sqLive weapons MK-82 500 pounders
T-O, Cor Verheijen,
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
28.01.104x F-16AM 311sqSTING1,2,3,4 1640LT rtb
27.01.102x F-16AM 313sqBURST1,2 1710-1740LT oa. Rdr Loft/Lay
27.01.102x F-16AM 322sqBLADE1,2 1020LT
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME2 2130-2200LT"NAF42" -> 30',45'Harp, HAS
26.01.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcFLAME1 2130-2200LT"NAF42" -> 30',45'Harp, HAS
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME2 2050-2110LTo.a 30',45'Harp-> "NAF42"
26.01.10J-638 F-16AM 311sq/fcFLAME1 2050-2110LTo.a 30',45'Harp-> "NAF42"
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqANVIL2 1700-1745LT o.a 45'Harp Hot/dry
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqANVIL1 1700-1745LT o.a 45'Harp Hot/dry
26.01.102x F-16AM OCU/10WBASIC51,52 1530-1600LT
26.01.10J-644 F-16AM 322sq/tdARCHER1,2,3 1315LT
26.01.10J-135 F-16AM 322sq/tdARCHER1,2,3 1315LT
26.01.10J-203 F-16AM 323sq/nbARCHER1,2,3 1315LT
26.01.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE81A,B 1115LT
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 322sqBLADE2 1020LT
26.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 322sqBLADE1 1020LT
26.01.10R-03 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET03 Standby Eastpoint
25.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL2 2030-2115LTo.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
25.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL1 2030-2115LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
25.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL2 1650-1740LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
25.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL1 1650-1740LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
21.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFIST1 2010-2055LT o.a rdr loft/lay
21.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFLASH2 1655-1730LT no bombs o.a rdr loft/lay
21.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFLASH1 1655-1735LT BDU33(MK106)rdr loft/lay
20.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqANVIL3 1655-1730LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
20.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqANVIL2 1655-1730LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
20.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqANVIL1 1655-1730LTo.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
19.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME3 2105-2150LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
19.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME2 2105-2150LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
19.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME1 2105-2150LTo.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
19.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqFIST2 1750-1825LT o.a Rdr Loft/Lay
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL2 2105-2150LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 313sqMETAL1 2105-2150LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp Hot/dry
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqWARP1 1750-1830LT Rdr loft/Lay Hot/dry
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 312sqWARP2 1735-1815LT Dry all day
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME4 1700-1730LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)-> Tanker
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME2 1655-1715LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)-> Tanker
18.01.10J-xxx F-16AM 311sqFLAME1 1655-1730LT 4x BDU33 (MK76)-> Tanker
15.01.10R-01 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET01 Standby Eastpoint
15.01.10J-146 F-16AM 323sq/tdMETAL4 No bombs
15.01.10J-062 F-16AM 322sq/tdMETAL3 4x BDU33(MK76)
15.01.10J-014 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 4x BDU33(MK76)
15.01.10J-062 F-16AM 322sq/tdMETAL1 4x BDU33(MK76)
15.01.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK2 4x BDU33(MK76)
15.01.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 4x BDU33(MK76)
14.01.102x Tornado IDS 33eJaBoGGAFE22A,B 1530-1600LT
14.01.102x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1,2 1430-1500LT o.a 30'+ 45'Harp
13.01.10(J-011) F-16AM 312sq/fcWARP2 1130-1200LT o.a 45'Harp 4x BDU33
13.01.10(J-637) F-16AM 312sq/fcWARP1 1140-1200LT o.a 45'Harp 4x BDU33
13.01.10J-021 F-16AM 312sq/tdFIST2 1110-1135LT
13.01.10(J-016) F-16AM 312sq/fcFIST1 1110-1135LT
12.01.103x F-16AM 322sqPOLLY1,2,3 1650-1745LT
12.01.10J-646 F-16AM 312sq/tdANVIL2 1553LT
12.01.10J-009 F-16AM 313sq/tdANVIL1 1553LT
12.01.10J-635 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL2 1520-1550LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
12.01.10J-008 F-16AM Special Tail METAL11520-1155LT
12.01.10J-021 F-16AM 312sq/tdSHARK4 1430-1520LT
12.01.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK3 1430-1520LT
12.01.10J-014 F-16AM 313sq/tdSHARK2 1430-1520LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
12.01.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/fcSHARK1 1430-1520LT
12.01.10R-03 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET03 Eastpoint
12.01.10R-01 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET01 Standby eastpoint
12.01.104x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1,2,3,4 1110-1155LT o.a 30'+45'Harp hot/dry
11.01.10J-018 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL2 1525LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
11.01.10J-021 F-16AM 313sq/tdMETAL1 1525LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
11.01.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/fcBURST2 1455-1525LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
11.01.10J-021 F-16AM 312sq/tdBURST1 1455-1525LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
11.01.10J-003 F-16AM 311sq/fcSHARK2 1430-1500LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
11.01.10J-008 F-16AM Special Tail SHARK11430-1500LT 4x BDU33(MK76)
07.01.103x F-16AM 313sq.....1,2,3 1110LT 1 Dry all day, 2,3 Hot
05.01.10(FB-17) F-16BM 31sm/10WTIGER82 1925-1940LT
05.01.10(FA-127) F-16AM 31sm/10WTIGER81 1925-1940LT
05.01.102x F-16AM 313sqANVIL1,2 1525-1605LT
05.01.10R-01 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET01 Standby eastpoint
05.01.101x F-16AM 313sqMETAL1 1450-1555LT
05.01.101x F-16AM 313sqMETAL2 1450-1530LT
05.01.102x F-16AM 349smMACE81,82 1415-1445LT o.a 10, 45'Harp dry
05.01.10J-146 F-16AM 323sq/tdMETAL3,4/BURST1,2 1130-1210LT o.a 45'Harp dry, B1 hot gun
05.01.10J-637 F-16AM 312sq/tdMETAL3,4/BURST1,2 1130-1210LT 4x BDU33 o.a 45'Harp dry
05.01.10J-011 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1,2 1130-1210LT 4x BDU33 o.a 45'Harp dry
05.01.10J-016 F-16AM 312sq/fcMETAL1,2 1130-1210LT 4x BDU33 o.a 45'Harp dry
04.01.102x F-16AM/BM 31sm/10WTIGER81,82 1850-1910LT o.a 30,45'Harp dry & hot
04.01.10R-01 AB412SP SAR/DHCRescuepedro0. Rescue 40km Terschelling UK-143 engine Fire
03.01.10R-01 AB412SP SAR/DHCGANNET01 1050-1105LT Medevac Eastpoint-->MCL
Spine, Pascal
and others who wants to stay anonymous.

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