At the Fence 2018 / Specials

23-11-2018: BAF211 ILS appoach rwy05 at Fightertown Leeuwarden.

FB-18 F-16BM 2 Wing BAF211

BAF211 <279.525> Base 8 miles out ILS Rwy05 inbound at Leeuwarden airbase. After Low appoach
SID LWD3 departure left W1N direct "BBL" <397.2875> climb to 12300ft, Rtb Florennes airbase Belgium.

23-11-2018: No Black Friday but "CZECH" FRIDAY at Fightertown Leeuwarden.

6050 L-159A ALCA 212.tl CEF350 / mission c/s IGOR1.

6051 L-159A ALCA 212.tl CEF351 / mission c/s IGOR1.

6059 L-159A ALCA 212.Tl CEF352 / mission c/s IGOR1.

Arrival TDY exercise "ORANGE WARDEN"
On November 26th the CzAF L-159A (1 spare aircraft) started participating the Exercise, they used the Mission callsign "IGOR11, 12"

0453 Casa C-295M 242.tsl CEF6020

Arrival support L-159A ALCA for TDY exercise "ORANGE WARDEN". Departure to Kbely (LKKB)

November 19th until November 30th : Exercise "ORANGE WARDEN"

Exercise "ORANGE WARDEN" organized by the RNLAF and the Defence groundbased air defence from the Dutch Army.

This Army unit practice the defence of ground objects and areas from attacks from manned and unmanned aircrafts,
helicopters, and other attacks as cruise missiles . During this two weeks exercise they are located on the
Leeuwarden airbase and the Dutch Shooting range "Cornfield" at Vlieland.

Together with the Dutch F-16's and Helicopters and three L-159A's from the Czech airforce, there are also two civil Learjet aircrafts
from Skyline aviation and the Swedish Saab Technologies compagny active.

N116MA Learjet LJ-36A Skyline AV LION16 / mission c/s IVAN21

LION16 also arrived at 19-11 TDY Leeuwarden Airbase participating execise "ORANGE WARDEN"

SE-DHO Learjet LJ-35A Saab Nyge Aero TARGET01 / mission c/s DAWG41
SE-DHP Learjet LJ-35A Saab Nyge Aero TARGET02 / mission c/s DARK41

TARGET02 arrived at 19-11 TDY Leeuwarden Airbase participating execise "ORANGE WARDEN"
On 27-11 "TARGET01" arrived at Leeuwarden airbase to participate "ORANGE WARDEN" for the last part of the exercise.

28-09-2018: AWACS NATO-OTAN at Fightertown Leeuwarden.


Various (5x) Approaches and (4x) touch and go's Runway 05 at Leeuwarden airbase

01-09-2018: Visserijdagen Harlingen

N 277 NH-90NFH 860sq/DHC GUARDIAN26

PH-OOP Airbus H-145 RAV/Anwb MEDIC01


PH-ECD EC-120B Colibri HeliHolland BV PHECD

30-07-2018: Inbound Cornfield range

4.+.. Tornado IDS/ECR TaktLwG-51 VIKING

VIKING a single Tornado from the TaktLwG-51 based at Schleswig-Jagel (ETNS), Germany enroute via MC4 to the
Cornfield range at Vlieland. At 5100ft rwy(23) heading overhead Leeuwarden Airbase, inbound the range entry point "Delta" the Dike
for some 20' Dive bombing at the Multi-purpose target. Afer 30 minutes via Vliehors 1 Dep. VIKING went RTB to schleswig-Jagel (ETNS), Germany.

30-06-2018: Special opening Saturday

EHLW : ADDN AD OPR HR 0900Z-1300Z. JUN 30 09:00Z 2018 UNTIL JUN 30 13:00 2018. WK26

J-644 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER1
J-367 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER2
J-628 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER3
J-362 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER1

Dep. / Arr. inbound The Hague Flyby Veteransday 2018 and Low pass Scheveningen due to Volvo Ocean Race Finish .

11-06-2018: A busy day at Fightertown Leeuwarden.


Various touch and go's (5x) Runway 05 at Leeuwarden airbase

105 MIG-29A FULCRUM 1.elt / 23BLT PLF201

1323Lt arrival at Leeuwarden Airbase for a fuelstop from RAF Shawbury (EGOS), after participating at the RAF Cosford airshow 2018, .

(4)637 / LN-STF CF-104D Private LNSTF

1226Lt the Norwegian CF-104D Starfghter, arrived at Leeuwarden airbase for the 75th anniversary of the 322 squadron. After two nice flyby's
the Pilot Eskil "TAZ" Amdal and in the backseat Helge Andreassen made an safe landing at runway 05.

15-03-2018 : F-15's ANG Tdy Theater Security Package 2018 (TSP18) deployment & Frisian Flag 2018

1535Lt 337.000 Rapcon North *"TREND41" --> Flight of six! at 11 thousand for FL70, *RAPCON North--> "TREND41" loud and clear and
indentifided, descent to 3000ft Leeuwarden is VFR, RWY05 Visibility is more then 10KM, no clouds, colourstate = Blue, turn
right heading 130' confirm the intentions? visual straight in, or ILS straight in? "TREND41" right 130, request initial, *RAPCON North: roger,
Initial is at 4 miles final rwy05, 2000ft, the pitch is at lefthand pitch 1500, I give you own navigation to initial "TREND41": proceeding
direct pitch, *RAPCON North--> "TREND41" is entering the CTR, confirm you like to proceed VFR to initial? "TREND41" Affrim, *RAPCON North-->
Roger, canceling time is minute41 VFR from now continue with Tower! the frequency is 247.675, 247.675 --> "TREND41" push 3....
"TREND41 Check..2, 3, 4, 5, 6 !
*"TREND41""--> Tower "TREND41" is on 6 miles initial for 05, *Tower--> Hello, report passing initial 05, "41" It looks like you are final 09
instead the 05 "TREND41" is making a check now, "41"initial, Tower--> 41 flight no traffic ahead Wind=11016G27kt pitches to the north 1500ft,
"TREND41-46" base gear stop 05, "TREND41-46" cleared to land rwy05, slowling is left.......

A small report of the radio communication of the arrival around 1543Lt of the first six F-15C "EAGLE from the 123FS/142FW based at
Portland, Oregon and the 131FS/104FW Barnes, Massachusetts Air National Guard (ANG). For the Operation" Atlantic Resolve"
sends the ANG under the name Theater security package (TSP18) F-15's to Europe. During this six month deployment will participate
at the Frisian Flag at Leeuwarden airbase, where they will exercises with other european nations, like the French, German, Polish, Spanish
and Dutch airforces.

84-0002 F-15C-37MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 15/03 TREND41
86-0158/MA F-15C-41MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 15/03 TREND42
85-0094 F-15C-39MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 15/03 TREND43

84-0003 F-15C-37MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 15/03 TREND44
84-0005 F-15C-37MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 15/03 TREND45
85-0111/MA F-15C-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 15/03 TREND46

84-0028/MA F-15C-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 19/03 TREND51
85-0106 F-15C-39MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 19/03 TREND52
85-0118/MA F-15C-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 19/03 TREND53
84-0021 F-15C-38MC 123FS/142FW Arr. 19/03 TREND54
83-0018/MA F-15C-35MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 19/03 TREND55
85-00134/MA F-15D-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 19/03 TREND56

NOTAM EHLW : Zulu +1 RWY 09/27 CLOSED. MAR 12 07:00 2018 UNTIL MAR 16 15:30 2018. WK11-> Parking Place C-17A support ANG F-15 Det.

C-17A Support F-15's ANG, Subject to change without notice !
02-1109 C-17A 446AW/62AW Arr. / Dep. 12/03 REACH470 (McCHORD)
05-5152/HH C-17A 15WG/154WG Arr. / Dep. 12/03 REACH271 (HICKHAM)
01-0187 C-17A 62AW Arr. / Dep. 13/03 REACH815 (McCHORD)
06-6156 C-17A 60AMW/349AMW Arr. / Dep. 13/03 REACH227 (TRAVIS)
00-0178 C-17A 89AS Arr. / Dep. 15/03 REACH625 (MEMPHIS)
92-3291 C-17A 155AS/164AW Arr. / Dep. 15/03 REACH928 (MEMPHIS)

01-0196 C-17A 167AS/167AW Arr. / Dep. 15/03 REACH165 (MARTINSBURG)

07-7169 C-17A 436AW/512AW Arr. / Dep. 16/03 REACH785 (DOVER)
07-7178 C-17A 436AW/512AW Arr. / Dep. 19/03 REACH536 (DOVER)
08-8191 C-17A 437AW/315AW Arr. / Dep. 19/03 REACH663 (CHARLESTON)
02-1111 C-17A 62AW/446AW Arr. / Dep. 19/03 REACH367 (McCHORD)
10-0223 C-17A 437AW/315AW Arr. / Dep. 22/03 REACH412 (CHARLESTON)

NOTAM EHLW : Zulu +1 RWY 09/27 CLSD. MAR 19 07:00 2018 UNTIL MAR 19 15:30 2018. WK12-> Parking Place C-17A support ANG F-15 Det.


04-01-2018: GREY ON GREY !

RTB De Kooy 1975ft runway 'hdg after ILS approach RWY23 Leeuwarden airbase crossing EHR4B VFR 500ft below R4
     247.675 LWD TWR --> 264.325 Dutch mil--> 279.000 Cornfield-->124.230 De Kooy App.

N 110 NH-90NFH 7sq/DHC FIBER06


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