At the Fence 2016 / Specials

20-10-2016: Enroute De Kooy EHKD

After medevac Tersch.--> LWD Airbase 1500ft inbound De Kooy EHKD.


20-10-2016: Arr. Navigation trip, RON

Arr. rwy05 touchdown 1513Lt RON (Remain Over Night)

E160/8-UH AlphaJet E ETO01.008 FAF6821

20-10-2016: * Rwy05

Arr. rwy05 after a few Simulation airdropppings at the coast, for 2x low approach and 1x Touch and Go
there after rwy heading 060' when passing 2000ft right turn inbound Waypoint "DLN Deelen" enroute to Eindhoven.

G-988 C-130H 336sq NAF78

20-10-2016: * Rwy05

Arr. rwy05 overhead inb. the coast for some Simulation airdropppings.

G-988 C-130H 336sq NAF78


20-10-2016: Arr. Navigation trip, RON

Arr. rwy05 touchdown 1440Lt RON (Remain Over Night)

E136/8-RP AlphaJet E ETO01.008 FAF6820

21-08-2016: Midsland, Terschelling

Medevac Midsland, Terschelling --> MCL.

PH-MMT EC-135P2+ Anwb / Adac LIFELINER4

06-07-2016: X CTR Leeuwarden, Rwy heading

Enroute via the dike, (2059Lt) crossing the Leeuwarden CTR --> enroute Groningen City via Assen heading South.

PH-PXZ AW139 Nationale Politie ZXP/POLICE26

14-06-2016: X CTR Leeuwarden, Rwy heading

Airborne from De Kooy --> crossing the Leeuwarden CTR (1946Lt) enroute to the EHR-2 Marnewaard area to bring soldiers for an exercise at Marnehuizen training facility. After bringing the soldiers RTB to De Kooy for an fuelstop. At (2104Lt) crossing the Leeuwarden CTR enroute again with soldiers to the EHR-2 Marnewaard area, (2159Lt) RTB to De Kooy.

N 110 NH-90NFH 860sq/DHC NEPTUNE14

23-05-2016 : Arrival 2120Lt first RNLAF F-35 "LightningII "

The F-35 is currently scheduled during the week of May 23 for 3 weeks to the Netherlands. The F-35A lands on Leeuwarden Air Base.
The new Dutch fighter comes to the so-called perception flights near Air Bases Leeuwarden and Volkel. The residents of the two locations to compare the sound of the F-35 to that of the F-16.

The Dutch Minister of Defence Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert therefore took the initiative last year to get the F-35 to the Netherlands.
During the flight experience of both aircraft fly in rapid succession, the arrival and departure routes. Hennis: "Local residents can get acquainted with the unit and sound experience in their own environment. I hope that the experience flights offer more clarity before the device finally comes to the Netherlands ". To support the audio experience focuses Dutch Aerospace Center (NLR) in an airbase in 5 points. This measure peak values in places such as residential areas and cycle paths. The locations are chosen in consultation with the residents' representatives.

F-001/OT F-35A 323sq/OT&E ARCHER01

F-002/OT F-35A 323sq/OT&E ARCHER02

In 2019 arrive the first F-35 at Leeuwarden Air Base, 2022 at Volkel Air Base.


Operation "Atlantic Resolve" and "Frisian Flag" 2016

Air National Guard F-15Cs and airmen are headed to Europe to augment U.S. forces on the Continent, part of
ongoing efforts to boost peace and stability in the region while deterring Russian aggression in eastern Europe.

Twelve F-15C Eagles and about 350 airmen and support equipment were to begin deploying Friday from their home stations,
said Capt. Lauren Ott, a spokeswoman for U.S. Air Forces in Europe–Air Forces Africa. The aircraft and airmen are from the

131st Fighter Squadron / 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts,
and the
194th Fighter Squadron / 144th Fighter Wingat Fresno Air National Guard Base, California.

They are deploying as a Theater Security Package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, with the airmen expected to
remain in Europe for about six months. Upon arrival in Europe, the aircraft and airmen will head to separate locations:
One group will support the NATO air surveillance mission in Iceland, while the other will conduct flying training
at Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands. The mission in Iceland marks the first time that an Air National Guard
unit will fly air surveillance in Iceland for NATO, Ott said.

NATO’s air mission in Iceland dates to 2008, following the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country, which doesn’t have
its own military. NATO provides a periodic peacetime air defense presence to meet Iceland’s needs.

One of the eight C-17A "Globemaster II" for support to the ANG F-15's who participate with the Frisian Flag 2016.

10-0221 C-17A 437AW/315AW "REACH187"

While at Leeuwarden, the F-15s will participate in Exercise Frisian Flag, an international exercise designed to bring fighter
aircraft from several countries together to practice coordinating operations, planning and execution, USAFE said.

85-0122/MA F-15C-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 04/04 CUBE71 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK33
"Town of Longmeadow"
85-0129 F-15D-39MC 194FS/144FW Arr. 04/04 CUBE72 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK34
84-0016/MA F-15C-38MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 04/04 CUBE73 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK31
"City of Easthampton"
84-0014 F-15C-37MC 194FS/144FW Arr. 04/04 CUBE74 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK21
84-0028/MA F-15C-38MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 06/04 CUBE81 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK23
"City of Chicopee"
85-0118/MA F-15C-40MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 06/04 CUBE82 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK22
"Town of Wilbraham"
80-0018 F-15C-27MC 194FS/144FW Arr. 06/04 CUBE83 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK24
83-0018/MA F-15C-35MC 131FS/104FW Arr. 06/04 CUBE84 / Dep. 28/04 HAWK32
"Town of Southampton"

During the deployment, the F-15s will also conduct training in eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania.
The first Theater Security Package for Operation Atlantic Resolve — the U.S. effort to show its commitment to NATO and deter
Russian aggression since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine two years ago — deployed to Europe in February 2014.
TThe rotational forces are intended to augment existing Air Force capabilities in Europe. Credit ; S van Jennifer, stripes.com

30-03-2016: Leeuwarden Airbase

After the mission the pilot made the call "Simulating Decompression", this was an exercise for the firecrew and Medics.

J-509 F-16AM 322Tactess "SLAMMER1"

27-02-2016 1625Lt: Beluga "DOLPHIN3" Airborne Hamburg (EDHI) enroute Chester (EGNR)

The "Dolphin3" X Dutch airspace 29975ft, 268'hdg enroute to the Airbus, factory, which produces aircraft wings, is located at the Hawarden Airport (CEG/EGNR) in Flintshire, Wales.

F-GSTC/3 A300-608ST BGA134C Airbus Transport International


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