At the Fence 2015 / Specials

24-12-2015: Rwy heading 600ft, enroute de Kooy EHKD from Leeuwarden EHLW

Last flight & visit SA-316B "Alouette III" De kooy V.V. Leeuwarden AB

A-301 SA-316B 300sq/DHC BLUEBIRD12

12-10-2015: Leeuwarden Airbase EHLW

Arr. / Dep. support F/A-18D SwissAF exercise "EMBOW Trail XV" Meppen-testing-range, Germany

T-729 Beech1900D LTDB SUI485

Arr. F-18C FinnishAF exercise "EMBOW Trail XV" Meppen-testing-range, Germany

HN-446/46 F-18C HavLLv31 FNF303

HN-420/20 F-18C HavLLv31 FNF302

Arr. / Dep. Support F-18C FinnishAF exercise "EMBOW Trail XV" Meppen-testing-range, Germany

CC-2 C-295M TukkiLv FNF304

02-10-2015: Leeuwarden Airbase EHLW

Dep. Support & Participant exercise "EMBOW Trail XV" Meppen-testing-range, Germany

R201/64-GJ C-160R ECE00.064 COTAM2028

10-09-2015: A-scramble QRA Leeuwarden -->Combat Air Patrol (CAP)

(Picture ŠENP)

British intercept Russian planes

British Typhoon aircrafts from the Royal Air Force (RAF) have intercepted two Russian bombers near British airspace.
The British Defense Ministry indicated Friday that the Tupolevs Tu-160 were spotted at Thursday Sept. 10th. Then where the
Typhoon warplanes scrambled at a Scottish RAF base to scare the Russian aircraft. In a time of increased tensions between
the West and Moscow are increasingly Russian aircraft intercepted.
Dutch QRA also scrambled.
At 1625Lt the Dutch QRA from Leeuwarden airbase were scrambled, and their mission was an CAP in the Dutch airspace (Delta2).
At 1644Lt the A scramble was converted to a Tango scramble, around 1714Lt the F-16's went to their homebase Leeuwarden.

J-647 F-16AM QRA Lwd AJ-01
J-879 F-16AM QRA Lwd AJ-02

31-07-2015: Leeuwarden Airbase EHLW

Arr. Fuelstop from Culdrose (EGDR), UK Air display(30/07)

115 Mig-29A 23BLT / 1.Elt PLF201

114 Mig-29A 23BLT / 1.Elt PLF202

Dep. to Minsk Mazowiecki,(EPMM), POLAND

Arr. / Dep Support Mig-29A
025 C-295M 8BLTR / 13.El PLF280

Arrival Belgian Airforce Participating Texel Airshow August 1st
FA-136 F-16AM 10 Wing BAF401

FA-123 F-16AM 10 Wing BAF402

Special guest RWY23 "Mustela erminea" (Hermelijn)

10-07-2015: Ghania "Souda Bay", Greece

Departure Papanikolis class U-214 submarine, Hellenic Navy

S-xxx U-214 Hellenic Navy .....

The Type 214 is a diesel-electric developed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW). It features diesel propulsion with
an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system using polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells. The Type 214 submarine
is derived from the Type 212, but as an export variant it lacks some of the classified technologies of its smaller predecessor, the most
important of which is probably the non-magnetic steel hull, which makes the Type 212 submarine impossible to detect using
a Magnetic anomaly detector.


The Greece Papanikolis U214 class is equipped with a hoistable radar mast which does not penetrate the pressure hull of the submarine.
In the top of the radar mast the radar transmitter is installed. This transmitter is part of the SPHINX Radar System supplied by Thales
Defence Deutschland GmbH in Kiel. The radar sensor is a FMCW transceiver which can't be detected by ESM systems in medium terms.
This technology is so called LPI radar, which means "Low probability of intercept". The transmitting power is lower than the power of a
mobile phone but the resolution more precise compared to high power Pulse radar. Thales SPHINX radar is a tactical radar, designed
for submarines


156514/514 EP-3E Aries II VQ-1 .....
....../RD-293 EP-3C VP-47 .....

US Marines & USAF

1...../YM-51 AV-8B+ US MARINES .....

09-0649 MC-12W 427th RS .....
09-0649 MC-12W 9th RW .....


03-07-2015: Rwy heading 1000ft, enroute de Kooy EHKD

RTB de Kooy after refuel Leeuwarden airbase after Medevac Terschelling--> Sneek

N 325 NH-90NFH 860sq/DHC GUARDIAN06


24-05-2015: Leeuwarden

The missing man formation
The missing man can be carried out in different variants. The most common is where four aircraft mostly (fighters) in the so called
"finger four" formation flying, the aircraft flying in a V-shape, the leader flies to the point and his wingman left behind him.
The second man of the flight is flying right behind the leader, and his wingman right back there again
from the front view, the left leg of the V so longer than the right.
This formation flying low enough over to be clearly seen and when it's right above the site of the memorial,
the second man pulls up abruptly and flies straight upwards. The rest of the formation retains its rate until all the planes are out of sight.


POLLY2              POLLY3


Missing man formation Margraten
J-201 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY1

J-632 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY2

J-142 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY3

J-516 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY4

J-006 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY5


15-05-2015: Leeuwarden Airbase

Local mission
J-516 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER1
J-201 F-16AM 322Tactess KILLER2


Local mission
J-006 F-16AM 322Tactess BLADE1
J-009 F-16AM 322Tactess BLADE2


Support ANG F-15 Operation "Atlantic Resolve"
06-6163 C-17A 60AMW/349AMW 15-05 Arr. / Dep. REACH470 "Spirit of Vacaville"




125th Fighter Wing Operation "Atlantic Resolve"

The United States Air Force has deployed 12 F-15s as part of a Theater Security Package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve,
to bases across Europe, including Leeuwarden, Netherlands and Graf Ignatevo, Bulgaria.
Approximately 200 Airmen and support equipment are deployed
with the F-15s from the 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard, Jacksonville, Florida and the 142th Fighter Wing Oregon Air National Guard.
This is the first Air National Guard unit supporting the TSP mission in Europe. These F-15s will conduct training alongside our NATO allies
to strengthen interoperability and to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the security and stability of Europe.

Exercise Frisian Flag 2015


F-15C/D Florida & Oregon Air National Guard

86-0161 F-15C-41MC 159FS/125FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA11 / Dep.07-05 AS RATTLER4
80-0024 F-15C-28MC 123FS/142FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA12 / Dep.07-05 AS FANG3
"City of Pendleton"

85-0106 F-15C-39MC 123FS/142FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA13 / Dep.07-05 AS SNAKE1
"City of Astoria"

86-0155 F-15C-41MC 159FS/125FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA14 / Dep.07-05 AS FANG1

84-0031 F-15C-38MC 123FS/142FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA15 / Dep.07-05 AS RATTLER1
"City of Hood River"

86-0162 F-15C-41MC 159FS/125FW Arr.31-03 AS MAZDA16 / Dep.07-05 AS SNAKE3
82-0016 F-15C-33MC 123FS/142FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA21 / Dep.07-05 AS FANG2
"West Linn"
85-0132 F-15D-40MC 123FS/142FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA22 / Dep.07-05 AS RATTLER2
"City of Albany"
86-0151 F-15C-41MC 123FS/142FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA23 / Dep.07-05 AS SNAKE2
"City of Mc Minnville"
81-0023 F-15C-30MC 159FS/125FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA24 / Dep.07-05 AS FANG4
85-0096 F-15C-39MC 159FS/125FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA25 / Dep.07-05 AS RATTLER4
78-0489 F-15C-21MC 159FS/125FW Arr.01-04 AS MAZDA26 / Dep.07-05 AS SNAKE4

Support C-17A USAF
89-1192 C-17A 437AW/315AW 26-03 Arr. / Dep. REACH977 "Spirit of Charleston"
10-0222 C-17A 437AW/315AW 30-03 Arr. / Dep. REACH788
03-3122 C-17A 437AW/315AW 31-03 Arr. REACH862 / 01-04 Dep. REACH862
02-1109 C-17A 62AW/446AW 01-04 Arr. / Dep. REACH307
04-4132 C-17A 6AW/305AW 01-04 Arr. / Dep. REACH713
02-1110 C-17A 62AW/446AW 01-04 Arr. / Dep. REACH558
06-6154 C-17A 60AW 02-04 Arr. / Dep. REACH584 "Spirit of Solano"
97-0041 C-17A 437AW/315AW 02-04 Arr. / Dep. REACH030
97-0046 C-17A 437AW/315AW 03-04 Arr. REACH196 / 04-04 Dep. REACH196
07-7184 C-17A 437AW/315AW 09-04 Arr. REACH486 / Dep. REACH486Heavy
02-1105 C-17A 62AW/446AW 07-05 Arr. / Dep. REACH187
06-6163 C-17A 60AMW/349AMW 15-05 Arr. / Dep. REACH470 "Spirit of Vacaville"
06-6163 C-17A 60AMW/349AMW 18-05 Arr. / Dep. REACH344 "Spirit of Vacaville"


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